Welcome to my Site

To those who have watched me on Twitch and found this site Welcome

To those in my Discord Server the I welcome you to our website

To those who have solved the simple code on my Fanfiction and Archive of our Own profile I welcome you to my site.

To those who are reading my stories and stumbled upon the code and thus came here Welcome to my blog and story archive.

The journey here is quite simple solve the hexadecimal code and your redirected to my login page wherein you can register and browse the extra content or you can just browse the site at your leisure, now you already know this so Why? what is this site for?

well the simple answer is it’s just my personal blog.

the long answer is it’s a site I use to develop my web applications which also serves as an archive for my stories and a personal blog along with being my official website for my Twitch, YouTube and Facebook pages. So once again welcome

-Black Butterfly