How to connect to Butterfly Network VPN

Step 1 is to download the VPN client from hereĀ 

Step 2 run the installer and you should see this window.

Step 3 Click next then Click I agree.

Step 4 Click Next

Step 5 Click Install

Step 6 wait for it to be installed wait for it to finish.

Step 7 Click next uncheck show readme and click finish

Step 8 The following should have been added to your start menu. Open the application “OpenVPN GUI”

Step 9 This Icon Should appear on the Taskbar

Step 10 Right Click and the Click “Import File”

Step 11 This will open a browse window and here you need to fine the “Name,ovpn” File that Black Butterfly#7347 gave you and select it

Step 12 Click Connect.