Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse Chapter 9

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC.

Two day’s has passed since that night Carl went in and out of consciousness while Clementine remained asleep Luna had forgone her usual duties and remained at Clementines side watching over her, she would ask Lee, or Katjaa to watch over the girl to so she could either go to the bathroom or eat otherwise Luna remained inside the room and watched over the girl, releasing a soft sigh Luna stood up from her chair beside Clementine’s bed it was time she had a conversation with her group along with Rick’s, the fever which Clementine endured for the past day had subsided telling Luna that the change was in progress and she had to prepare to welcome the new vampire into their midst, walking downstairs Luna caught Kenny walking by the hallways, he inquired is she was aright on which she affirmed she was okay before asking him to gather both groups inside at the picnic tables for a meeting, glancing back up the stairs Luna spoke barely above a whisper. “I’ll be back as soon as the meeting is over sweetie” with that promise Luna walked towards the door and out to the lawn, turning left she approached the picnic tables setup for when they’d eat and sat at the far end of the seats, placing her elbows on the table she steepled her fingers as she waited for the two groups to gather.

as the two groups gathered and sat around the table Luna began her headcount identifying each face as they each took a place and sat, finally after everyone has been seated Luna was the first to speak. “Where are Glenn and Maggie?” the others looked at each other searching for the two and not finding them, it was Lori who answered Luna. “We needed some supplies so I asked Glenn to look around the closest town Maggie came with him” Luna frowned at this as she asked? “What was it that you had Glenn get? we have supplies here you could have asked and someone would have given it to you” Lori looed down on the table and Luna decided to drop the matter for now as she addressed the group. “Alright everyone we have decisions to make, then afterwards we have some things to discuss” Luna stopped to let them digest this before she began speaking again. “The first decision is whether this group stays together or not, that is saying do we accept Rick’s group joining with ours after the recent happenings or do we give them supplies and have them leave.” the group looked at each other before beginning to talk with themselves while Lori and Rick looked at Luna as if she were condemning them “You can’t just kick us out” Luna looked at Andrea who spoke and answered her calmly “Kicking you out will not only be my decision bt will be by majority vote, seeing as you arriving lost us one of our people and heavily injured the other” Andrea looked away at that however it was Dale who decided to put in his opinion. “Otis Shot Carl and you shot shane in the head” Luna tilted her head to the side like a curious child at Dale’s words before she spoke in reply. “You forget Dale we saved Sophia, I was going to save Carl but your guy Shane had to kill Otis, for what? just so he could escape some walkers?” Dale shut up at her words and instead looked at the other group, incidentally the groups were sitting across of each other while Luna was seated with Rick’s group jus beside Sophia, Luna let her group whisper and debate with themselves as she wanted the group to decide as one, she might be the de facto leader but she wanted this to be a democracy or at least something resembling one.

it was Hershel who broke the the reverie for both groups when he spoke. “Lee and I leave it up to you Luna, you have our vote in whatever you decide” Luna nodded at Hershel before she turned towards Carley who didn’t disappoint with an answer. “My vote is to give them a chance, they blow it then they’ll have to leave.” Luna again nodded at her before turning to Kenny. “Me and Katjaa talked about it and while were not happy with what their man did to Clementine, were willing to give them a chance, just like Carley if they blow it they leave.” Luna nodded before turning to Beth nodded and began to soeak. “,Me and Aunt Patrica talked and while the man who killed Uncle Otis is dead we don’t want to take the chance of one of them killing one of ours again” Luna looked at the girl curiously as she could sweat she smelt blood coming from the girl before she decided she’d speak to Beth later on before turning to Doug who spoke uncertainly. “My vote is with Carley, they can stay but they’ll have to follow our rules.” Luna and nodded before she turned to Rick and his group. “While Maggie isn’t here to vote we have to continue this discussion, my vote is that you stay making it the majority” Rick’s group seemed to relax in relief at this proclamation especially the women however Luna wasn’t finished speaking. “However if you wish to stay here you will abide by our rules.” Luna then began to lay out the rules that Rick’s group will be following.

1. Chores will be distributed amongst the group, Hard labor will be assigned to men and occasionally to the women. ( washing clothes however will be exclusively for fhe women. )

2. Everyone will have to carry a weapon on their person at all times including the children, there will be training sessions every day and attendance is a must, should a parent not want their child to carry a weapon it will be discussed if the reasons provided are reasonable. ( Andrea was particularly happy about this rule )

3. Every day people will be assigned to hunt in the forest, people hunting will always be in groups of two or three.

4. Firing guns should be avoided at all costs inside the perimeter of the farm, in order to avoid drawing the attention of walkers and to conserve ammo.

5. Related to the fourth rule. in killing walkers as much as possible kill them using knives for similar weaponry as it’s silent and conserves ammo.

6. Food and Medical supplies are regulated. there will be three meals a day and the one of medicine will be limited to heavy injury. any minor injuries will be treated without the use of medical supplies.

7. Your fellow survivors are your comrades of not your family, protect them and yourself at all costs and don’t hesitate to help each other survive, most of all never leave anyone behind so long as there’s a chance for them to be saved.

as the rules were explained Luna decided it was time to continue the discussion and began to talk. “I have something to tell you all about me and soon will also be about Clementine” seeing s she had the groups attention she continued. “I’m a vampire and I also can do magic” this proclamation was met by laughter until Luna raised her hand, a ball of fire appearing on her palm before she hurled it to the sky where it exploded like fireworks, the group fell silent a few of them looking at Luna warily mainly Rick’s group while her group looked at her in curiosity. “I am able to use magic, real magic that and my abilities as a vampire, I just wanted you all to know because Clementine will soon wake and I need to help her get used to being a vampire” Lee nodded in understanding while the other have questions, Rick voiced his first. “How exactly do you feed feed?” Luna had to smile at that question as while she was safe in that she was old and could resist the draw of blood, Clementine was a new vampire so Luna considered her words carefully as he answered. “Vampires feed on blood that’s a well known fact, what is not well known is that we can elect to just feed on animals and resist feeding on humans, Clementine will be trained to do so, and I will do my best to help her avoid giving into her blood lust but I advise you kindly stay away from her at least for a few days” Everyone nodded at Luna Rick’s group still were wary however her group were accepting so it wasn’t surprising that the next question came from Rick’s group still. “Does your bite kill, just like a walkers” Luna had to blink at this as she was confused by the question, that was until she remembered that these people couldn’t have known. “A vampires bite doesn’t kill, a vampires bite is harmless apart from the drinking of blood, a walker however is filled with bacteria it’s what kills the person but you don’t have to be bitten by a walker to turn, everyone is infected you just need to die to be one of the..” Luna explained and people gasped in horror at her words, Luna let them digest her words and awaited their questions, the next question came from Lee. “How do you know were all infected” Luna considered how she’d explain it before deciding to keep it simple. “That night while Clementine was bleeding out on the bed and I was healing her, her blood was free flowing from her side as I tried desperately to close the wound with magic, but I couldn’t, then looking at her blood as a vampires and a former doctor I’m able to determine the composition of someone’s blood, as I looked at her blood I noticed a strange phenomenon, the blood cells were solidifying and turning unto a mucky substance which was normal until I noticed that there was something in her blood that was mutating it eating the dying blood cells and resurrecting them, that was when my theory that we are all inflected was proven true so I acted quickly and gave Clementine my own blood which would turn her into a vampire as well as combat the virus” the whole group fell silent wanting to deny her words however they couldn’t refute the truth is them as after all Luna being a vampire meant that she knew all about blood and it’s contents, it took a while for the group to gather their thoughts but they were slowly accepting her words, Luna took this as her cue to continue the discussion. “the last thing is more on me informing you all than wanting your opinions, I will be training Clementine for the next few days with regards to her abilities and since I have already told you the truth, you will see either me or her using magic to either help or do things in the farm, expect it to be a common occurrence ” the group nodded at her and Luna stood up, she walked towards Beth and whispered something into her ears before she walked towards the farmhouse leaving the group to their thoughts.

It was hours later into the day that Beth entered the room where Clementine was sleeping, she could see Luna seated on a chair reading what seemed to be a old leather bound bool, as Beth closed the door Luna marked her page before closing said tome and rising it with her right hand as if returning it to a bookshelf, the book vanished from her hand which amazed Beth even though Luna had already told then she could do magic, Luna gestured to the other chair which Beth took as a sign to take a seat, as she Sat Luna began to speak. “You’ve been cutting yourself” Luna said this not as a question but merely a statement of a fact, her words startled Beth her eyes widening in fear before she began to speak. “I know it’s wrong but” Luna raised a hand to stop the girl from speaking as she spoke shaking her head. “I’m not here to lecture you, I’m not here to ask you to stop, but think about this and take your time. if you really want to die or you want the pain then I have something in mind” Luna let this sink in before continuing. “When Clementine wakes she will need a host to feed her blood, a vampires bit is usually painless and quick but a new vampire has no control over this much less a newly awakened one, if you agree to this then you can be guaranteed that one you’ll experience the pain and two at some point you will die” Luna let the girl think about her words as Beth stood before taking a seat on the bed beside Clementine, Luna’s eyes watched the girl as she gently brushed stray hair from the little girls forehead before speaking in a soft voice. “If I die, will I turned into a walker?” Luna leaned back onto her chair releasing a soft sigh before answering. “Yes, as a vampire’s bite doesn’t turn you into one” Beth nodded as she began running her fingers through Clementine’s hair as if caring for her child or perhaps a sister, Luna couldn’t tell. “Would it be possible for her to feed on me without killing me?” Luna leaned her head to the side placing her cheek on her palm as she propped her arm on the armrest of the chair, she looked at the girl curiosity shining in her eyes as she answered. “It is possible but that would bind you to her for her lifetime” Beth perked up at Luna’s words her hand stilling as she asked. “Her lifetime?” Luna nodded before answering her question. “Yes as a willing vassal, you would live as long as she lives providing her blood, your only release would be if she were to kill you” Luna answered her providing the trust as she saw no reason to hide it, Beth nodded her head at Luna before she leaned down and placed a kill on Clementine’s forehead, exactly just as Beth’s lips touched her skin Clementine’s eyes opened.