Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse Chapter 8

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC

Luna nodded before turning to Clementine offering her hand the girl in question took Luna’s hand before both approached their guest, Luna sat on the bed guiding Clementine beside her so that she was sat near Sophia, “Hello Sophia, I’m Luna and this is Clementine” “Hi” Clementine waved at Sophia smiling which made the other girl smile as well, Luna stood up with Clementine looking at her curiously before she spoke “We’ll Sophia you should finish your food, Clementine here can keep you company, then tommorow we can go looking for your mom” the girl nodded at Luna as she left the room leaving the two to get to know each other, as Luna walked into the hallway she found the group waiting for her with Hershel surprisingly with them, Luna knew the group were curious about the girl as well as wary after all this was their first contact with another survivor since this all began, not keeping them all waiting Luna gestured for the living room and all of them walked inside, when everyone got themselves settled in different parts of the room Luna began speaking. “So far we know she’s not a walker, I checked her for bites and scratches and Katjaa gave her a change of clothes” at this Katjaa nodded when several of them looked at her “so far all I know is that her name is Sophia and that she was with her mother, she seemed pretty scared, but nothing she did indicated that she’s a threat, I left Clementine with her” at this statement a few of the face listening to her as if she was crazy “Clementine can handle herself, she has her knife with her and while I’d shudder to think about her killing a person, I know she can protect herself” the other occupants of the room couldn’t disagree with her statement as they had seen how Luna trained Clementine not only on how to use a gun but also on how to use a bow and a knife, the people in the group had no doubt that Luna would also teach the little girl how to handle bigger guns and other weapons as soon as she could either acquire them or the girl could use them.

Luna watched the group from her seat for a bit letting them digest her words and wondering how she could suggest her plan. “tommorow I’m also planning to accompany the girl to search for her mom” this statement elicited different reactions from the group a few of them like Lee and Carley nodded their heads in agreement however the rest expressed several variations of disagreement. “How sure are you that she actually has a mother?” “What if she has a group?“”Do you even know where to look?” Luna considered their responses before coming to a compromise that she hoped they’d accept. “Alright, let’s do this, we keep the girl in the farm and then the people taking the hunting for the day keep a lookout for people looking for the girl, that way we have her here and whoever comes across her group or her mother is armed” the group talked between themselves for a bit with Luna fielding questions and concerned which mainly consisted of if they could afford to let the girl stay and what would happen if they didn’t find her group or her mother, the question however of what if their group wanted to join them was raised by Hershel and Luna looked thoughtful before speaking. “we don’t know that she has a group yet and even if she did I don’t want to decide right now if they stay or not, I’d like to at least give them a chance so we could get to know them” everyone accepted this as they themselves had no idea what to do if the girl had a group and no one wished to be the one condemning the other group, with the discussion done the group elected to turn into the night, Luna went back to the room where they had been keeping their guest to find Clementine sitting on a chair while their guest slept,silently Clementine and Luna left the room to turn in for the night inside the barn along with Lee.

The next morning it was decided for Otis to go hunting along with Lee, the group explained that it was too dangerous for Sophia to come with them and that if they found her mother or her group, they had confirmed that she was with a group when she woke up this morning, they told her that if they’s take them to the farm as well, so with Otis and Lee leaving to hunt Luna led the girls along with duck for their first lesson in the morning, Luna was just teaching Clementine about opposing forces of motion and how they interact with objects when her ear picked up the sound of a gunshot, she ignored it as she didn’t see anyone else turn their heads and continued with Clementine’s lesson, leaving Clementine with a few calculations to solve which the child happily began solving making Luna shake her head since she was practically teaching Highschool or in some countries college level physics to an 8 nearly nine year old, moving on she checked on Duck still having him identify insects before she moved onto Sophia, Luna was helping Sophia with identifying various wounds a human could sustain when shouts came from the fields in front of the farm making almost everyone turn their heads, Luna was the first to identify Lee and Otis with a man running in front of them Luna noticed the man carrying a child who was bleeding this however wasn’t what alarmed Luna what alarmed her was the fact that there was another man behind Otis and Lee pointing a shotgun at them Luna turned to and shouted at Kenny who was closest to her to get everyone armed and meet her in front of the farmhouse, Kenny rushed to tell everyone Luna’s remarks while Luna grabbed her bow nearby and gestured for Clementine who was watching her to follow suit, Clementine rushed to grab her bow and quiver before following Luna, Duck and Sophia who were confused and in Sophia’s case scared slowly followed Luna and Clementine.

Arriving at the front of the farmhouse Luna and Clementine loaded their bows Luna aiming for the man behind Lee and Otis while Clementine aimed for the one running towards them, soon the two were joined by others from the group with Kenny and Carley opting to take positions further away each carrying sniper rifles, as the foreign people reached hearing range Luna shouted. “STOP RIGHT THERE, DROP THE GUN OR WE’LL OPEN FIRE” the running man stooped abruptly while the man pointing the gun at Lee and Otis stopped but kept the shotgun pointed at them, the man who was running shouted in reply. “You have to help my son he’s been shot” Luna wanted to help she honestly did as she looked at the others she knew they did too but Luna wanted to ensure the safety of Lee and Otis first. “HAVE YOUR FRIEND DROP HIS SHOTGUN AND RAISE HIS HANDS N THE AIR THEN WE’LL TALK” the man quickly turned and said something to the man who was pointing the shotgun at Otis and Lee, the other man seemed to hesitate and Luna prepared to release her arrow just in case, finally the man dropped his gun so Luna relaxed her hand before shouting. “ALRIGHT LEAVE THE GUN THERE AND SLOWLY APPROACH” Luna watched the two approach alongside Lee and Otis the others in the group keeping their guns trained at them as Luna dropped relaxed her bow and returned the arrow onto her quiver, Luna looked at the child the man was carrying before asking. “Was he bit?” before the man carrying the child could answer the other man answered for him. “No you some of a bitch friend here shot him” Luna looked at the man who was pointing at Otis before shaking her head. “Get him inside” she said as she guided the man and the child inside the farmhouse leading them into the room Sofia had used just last night, pushing the sheets away Luna told the man to lay the boy down on the bed as she took at look at him. “Fuck, someone get me painkillers, coagulants, clean cloth, an IV and alcohol both tge drinking and cleaning type” Luna ordered as people from the group rushed out of the room to get her the things she needed. “Someone get me a med kit along with a threat and needle as well.” as soon as Luna was handed a med kit she took out a stethoscope and began checking the boy for a heartbeat, finding one she took of the scope and tore off the boys shirt, examining the wound she cursed before grabbing the clean cloth place by someone on the nightstand and putting pressure on the wound, Luna looked at the two men who were with the by before speaking. “Do any of you know his blood type?” one of the men nodded his head before speaking “It’s A+ same as mine, I’m his father” Luna nodded before shouting “Someone get me a blood transfusing kit” Luna made the man sit down on a chair next to the bed before she set up the IV and looking behind her she saw Katjaa and Hershel preparing the man for the transfusion so Luna released a breath before hooking the child up to the IV, taking the cloth off the wound of the child she took medical tweezers from the med kit before looking at the child and releasing a sigh,

Injecting the coagulant into the IV Luna waited a few seconds before removing the cloth from the wound cleaning it with alcohol before she used the tweezers to take one of the bullet fragments out, taking the first one was relatively easy as was the second, the third one however woke the child before he began thrashing around and screaming. “Hold him down” Luna shouted making Beth and Maggie who were in the room watching the proceedings rush towards the bed to do just that, the child kept thrashing and screaming causing the process of removing the third fragment to be difficult and bloody. “STOP YOUR KILLING HIM” Luna looked behind her at the man who shouted and was currently being restrained by Katjaa, Kenny and Hershel before shaking her head and continuing the operation, as she removed the third fragment the boy passed out allowing Luna to to place folded cloth on the wound to stop the bleeding, Luna turned around and spoke to the man. “He’s alive but he needs blood, we’ll talk while we perform the transfusion” the man nodded as Hershel and Katjaa hooked him up with his son and began the transfusion, “So do you want the good news or the bad news?” Luna asked the man as the other one entered the room and stood near the father of the child. “The good news” the father replies before Luna shook her head as she spoke “The good news is your son will live” both men released sighs of relief at her words to bad what followed turned that relief into horror. “The bad news is that the bullet shattered into six fragments, I managed to take out three before your son began thrashing around, the other three are deeper and require more precision, that coupled with the fact that I suspect he has internal bleeding, your son will probably die in the evening” the two looked at her as if she had raped their wives and daughters before killing them in front of the two, their reactions of horror were so sever that Luna wondered if she had given them both heart attacks, shrugging it off Luna continued speaking. “Now I can save him but only if one of you two help my people collect supplies” both men nodded before Luna turned towards the other occupants of the room and addressed them, “Hershel, Maggie, Beth, Otis. do you know anywhere we could procure a respirator along with more medical supplies?” the four were silent for a few moments before Hershel and Otis looked at each other, Hershel began to speak. “They set up an FNA shelter at a Highschool five miles from here, but it was overrun by walkers” Luna looked at Hershel and Otis before turning to the two men. “You both have names?” Luna asked the two who responded with “Rick” and “Shane”.

Luna nodded her head in acknowledgement before turning back to the others. “Alright well Otis since you were the one to shoot this man’s son your going with Shane here to fetch the supplies.” Otis nodded his head in agreement, if Luna didn’t give him any role in saving the boy he would have argued with her into letting him help in any way he could, he would make this right he though so he was about to say something when Luna continued speaking. “with that decided you two need to go to Carley, have her outfit you both with as much firepower as possible, a couple pistols and at least two automatic rifles would be preferable, if that school is really overun.” after this pronouncement Luna looked at Shane talking directly to him “I’m trusting you with our weapons, don’t misuse the privilege” Shaned nodded silently as he stood up only to be interrupted by a voice saying “I’m coming as well” Luna rounded on the speaking which was apparently Rick who had just finished giving his son blood, Luna had a few choice words for him at his proclamation. “You step out of this room Rick and I’m breaking your legs, your staying here with your son.” Luna glared at the man who sat down in shock at the venom in her voice. “Your son needs blood, the earlier operation wasn’t particularly bloody however he’s displaying signs of blood loss meaning he’s likely bleeding from the inside, until these two come back your sone will need more transfusions and your the only one we have the has the same blood type” Luna let that snk in for a few seconds before continuing to speak. “So if you want your son to last until he could be treated properly and not be a corpse with a hole between the eyes when you come back, you will stay put” Luna finished her little speech and looked at Rick who was looking at her in horror in more than a bit of shame, after a quick conversation with Rick Shane and Otis left to find Carley for the weapons before leaving for the school.

An hour later just as Luna was making sure the child’s condition had stabilized at least for the moment someone opened the door and spoke o a soft voice “Luna Lunch is ready” Luna nodded her head at smiled at Clementine who spoken before turning to the man behind her as the girl moved beside her, Luna took the time to playfully remove Clementine’s hat and ruffle her hair which made the girl giggle as she tried to swat Luna’s hands away, feeling that the girl’s hair was sufficiently tussled Luna stopped and placed her hat back on her head before turning to Rick who was watching the scene in clear amusement. “Your son is stable for now, come and have some lunch with us, you need your strength if were going to continue doing transfusions.” Rick thought about it for a moment before nodding, moving towards the bed he kissed his son on the forehead “I’ll be back as soon as I can” Rick promised as he followed Clementine and Luna out of the room, as the were walking outside of the farmhouse Luna decided it was safe to ask Rick questions now that everything had calmed down at least for the moment. “So Rick, mind telling me what you were doing in the forest with your kid?” Luna asked as they neared the crossed the porch of the house headed towards where several tables were setup for food. “We were looking for a girl, a daughter of one of my people” Luna nodded connecting the dots quickly before speaking. “Does this girl have a name?” Rick seemed to hesitate for a few moments before nodding his head and answering. “Sofia. her name is Sofia” this answer made Clementine gasp and Luna smile as they arrived at the table. “Well then, it seemed your going to be eating across from her” Rick looked at the two with surprise before looking around the table for a few seconds finally spotting the girl he had been looking for seated beside a guy Rick didn’t recognize. “So where’s your group situated?” Luna asked him snapping Rick out of his daze causing the man to look towards Luna who was now seated with Clementine on her left and Lee who was sitting on the little girl’s lest as well.

My people are camped out just at the highway past the forest” Luna nodded before Rick was called by a voice speaking his name on his right, he turned to see Sophia walking towards him, the two got into a conversation which Luna didn’t care to listen into, she turned towards the table and picking out her food she began eating before Rick followed by Sofia sat on her left and began picking their meal as well.

As the last of them were finishing their respective meals Luna turned towards Rick and spoke. “You should bring your group here, threes safety in numbers, we have enough food to last for at least three more months, six if we don’t stop hunting” Rick turned towards Luna before looking around where they were, after a few moments of contemplation he spoke. “How safe is this place?” Luna was quick to answer him.”As safe as Any place, the fences are reinforced and we keep an arsenal of weapons just in case of walkers, there are occasionally one or two that would get to the fence but they are put down quickly and silently” Luna stated while Katjaa and Beth collected the plates and utensils. “With enough people, we should be able to fend or hold off a crowd of them and should it happen, everything is also packed and ready for transport just in case we need to evacuate” Rick thought on her words carefully considering what was best before he nodded in agreement, Luma smiled and told him she would send someone to talk to his group, Rick also asked her if they could tell his wife what happened making Luna decide be the one delivering the message as she could best answer his wife’s questions and reassure her, so with Clementine riding behind her she rode a horse towards the highway, upon arriving at the highway Luna guided the horse towards the right letting it run as she scanned their surroundings, looking behind her she asked Clementine to have her bow ready just in case they needed to fight not that it would matter if person on the other side had a rifle but Luna was betting on her abilities enabling her to at least deflect the bullets if not outright stop them enabling Clementine to shoot, just as Rick described Luna and Clementine arrived at the roadblock of abandoned cars and spotted the RV situated at the middle of the road, they were just in time too as Luna noticed the group of people coming from the side of the road allowing whom she figured was the search party looking for Sophia.

as they approached Luna frowned as she saw an two more people, one of them a fluffy black man and the other was an old white man holding a rifle, Luna released a soft sigh as the other group coming from the forest noticed them as well, carefully as not to alert the group and make them hostile guided the horse to a stop a few cards from the group before speaking. “We come in peace” Luna raised her hands letting go of the hose reigns as she did showing she wasn’t armed and subsequently Hiding Clementine from view just in case. “What do you want?” the old man holding the rifle asked the, the other now joining him with a man holding a crossbow pointed directly at her. “Rick sent me to fetch all of you, His son was hurt and we’re treating him, we also have your girl Sophia with us” before the old man could answer Luna was met with questions two coming from two women and one coming from the man holding the crossbow. “How do we know your telling the truth?” “My daughter is with you?” “What happened to my son?” Luna looked at the man before looking at the women before answering with a shrug of her shoulders. “You don’t have any reason to trust me, I’m only here to tell you what happened and tell you how to get to the farm, it’s entirely up to you weather you’ll go or not, either way I’m leaving after I answer your questions” the group looked at one another seemingly unsure, one of the women however kept her eyes at Luna before saying. “I’m coming with you” Luna looked at her before answering. “Sure but unfortunately you can’t ride with me” the woman looked at Luna confused until she took hold of the reigns again guiding the horse to turn around revealing Clementine holding her bow with an arrow knocked into it aimed at the man holding the crossbow, the man took a step back surprised before shouting. “Lower your bow or I’ll shoot” Clementine’s aim remained steady as she shouted back. “And leave our backs defenseless, not a chance” Luna had to smile at the reply as she turned around to speak. “You have a rifle and a crossbow pointed at us, it’s hardly fair that you expect us to lower our weapon” Luna called back smiling, another woman from the group spoke to the man her words making Luna smile. “Daryl she’s just a kid” “This kid won’t hesitated to put an arrow into you head woman” Luna called back smiling before continuing. “Now we must be going, I need to tend to my patient, the road to the farm is just a few meters from here, just back up and you’ll see the sign, the name is green” Luna said behind her and she guided the horse into a run, Clementine lowered her bow once they had put enough distance between them and the group, balancing herself behind Luna she slung her bow over her shoulder as well as returning the arrow back to her quiver before wrapping her arms around Luna’s waist, as they rode back to the farm Luna heard the sounds of engines slowly catching up to them making her smile and Clementine to look behind them. “They’re following us” She said as she tightened her hold around Luna’s waist. “Good” was Luna’s only reply as she commanded the horse to go faster before turning to the fields taking a shortcut towards the farm.

Luna arrived at the farm and informed Rick and her group about their coming guests, She walked Hershel’s horse back to it’s stable carefully removing the saddle and the reigns while Clementine joined the group in wait for their guests, as Luna finished with the horse she began walking towards the farmhouse where she heard Lee shouting. “Drop your fucking guns and nobody gets hurt” this had Luna breaking into a run to see Lee, Clementine, Hershel, Doug, Beth, and Maggie with their weapons aimed at the other group who were also in the same position, Rick was in the middle with his hands in a placating gesture trying to calm everyone down, Luna scanned both groups before raising an eyebrow at one of them before speaking. “Are these the friends you were talking about Glenn?” Glen who had been pointing his weapon at Hershel looked at Luna his eyes widening in recognition before he looked at the others recognizing Clementine and Lee, Glenn lowered the shotgun in his hands before speaking. “H.. hey, and umm no I met them at a camp in atlanta” Luna nodded before speaking. “Would you all mind lowered your weapons? there’s no need for violence here.” Luna looked at everyone and her group slowly nodded with Clementine and Lee taking the lead at lowering their weapons. “Where is my son?” one of the women from earlier asked making Luna gesture towards the house before speaking. Rick why don’t you take your wife inside the house while I take your group to eat.” Rick nodded at Luna before he and his wife walked towards the farmhouse leaving Luna and her group along with the new arrivals. “How about my daughter?” the other woman from earlier asked, Luna didn’t have a concrete answer for this one so she turned to Clementine and spoke. “Clem sweetie could you find Sophia and tell her, her mom is here.” Clementine nodded before running off leaving Doug Hershel, Beth, Maggie and Luna with the remainder of Rick’s group who now had their weapons lowered, Looking towards the group Luna spoke. “While we wait, why don’t I treat all of you to some food, I’m sure your all starving.” She stated as she walked around the house leading the group towards the tabled and chairs setup for meals, Hershel and his family walked back towards the house as the group sat themselves down, Luna spoke with Katjaa asking her to serve what was left of their cooking while she would get to work on the deer along with Lee, apparently and and dog took the time to o back to the forest and to retrieve the deer while she and Clementine were away.

hours later the two groups were introduced with each other, Rick’s group containing Lori,Andrea,Dale,Glenn whom a few of Luna’s group already knew of. Daryl, T-Dog and Carol, Luna welcomed them to the farm receiving thanks with Carol expressing gratitude along Lori and Rick for saving their children, Luna frowned at Rick and Lori before speaking. “As much as I would like to accept your thanks, save it for when he’s actually safe, as it is he’s still in danger” Luna stated this fact causing Lori to borrow into Rick’s shoulder as he reassured her. Luna looked at them before looking at the group and speaking. “I’m rather curious however as to why you all let a little girl wander in the forest with no way to defend herself?” the group all looked away for her causing her to frown deeply as she spoke on a low almost menacing tone. “Don’t tell me you left that girl in the forest to die? does she even know how to kill a walker?” the whole group were feeling very uncomfortable now before Carol Sophia’s mother spoke up. “She’s just a child, how can you expect us to teach her how to kill?” these words made Luna angry as she replied in a scathing tone. “So you left a defenseless child in the forest with no knowledge on how to defend herself much less any weapons to do so?” Clementine who has been sitting beside her wrapped her arms around Luna which seemed to calm her down a bit, it was Lori to answered for Carol who looked down at Luna’s words. “Sophia was perfectly safe in our group, she only got separated from us because a herd of walkers passed by the highway.” Lori didn’t stop there as she didn’t like Luna’s tone so her next words were spoke angrily. “What if it was your girl? would you have taught her how to kill? to murder people?” at this Luna laughed out loud before calming down and looking Lori directly in the eyes. “If you think your children are safe within a group, your delusional, you can’t always be there for you children sooner or later they’d be alone and defenseless just like what happened to Sophia” after letting that sink in for a bit Luna continued speaking. “As for teaching Clementine how to defend herself, why yes I did, she’s a better shot than any of you with a gun or a bow.” at these words Luna turned to Clementine who was smiling at the praise, Luna kissed her on the forehead before asking her. “Clementine darling why don’t you tell these people who many walkers you’ve killed” at this Rick and his group let out a gasp while the little girl seemed thoughtful for a few moments before answering “24 in Macon and 9 here in the farm and the forest” Luna smiled at Clementine’s perfect memory while Ricks group looked at the little girl in horror, seeing their faces Luna decided to impart some hard truths to them. “I taught her how to kill those monsters, to defense herself from those mindless beasts, because I can’t be there for her all the time so I ensured that she could defend herself when I’m not around to help her” at these words Luna could see Rick, Daryl, and Glenn nodding while all the others were still in denial.

Luna was about to say something more when Kenny shouted from an outpost they had built in a tree that there was a walker in the northwest side of the fence, Luna looked at Clementine who stood up, she nodded at the girl before said girl ran fetching her bow to head towards the place Kenny indicated, Luna turned to the others as Clementine disappeared from view before speaking. “All of us here are prepared to defend this farm, all of us here are trained ro defend ourselves with guns or blades, Clementine uses a gun and a bow because she’s still too young to be able to take down a walker with a blade but when she gets older she will be taught to do so” Luna let stopped as Kenny shouted that the walker was down and called for someone to clean it up. “The secret to survival is being prepared and to kill walkers as silently as possible, knives, axes, machetes, pickaxes, hammers, arrows spears or stakes hell even screwdrivers will kill a walker silently not attracting any more of then” Luna stopped to take a drink of water letting them digest the information before continuing. “All of us here bar Duck Kenny’s kid know how to defend ourselves and carry weapons to do so, I’m not asking you to train your kids and have them killing walkers, I’m asking you to train them so they could defend themselves if the need occurs, think on it because if your staying you all will be helping defend this place” Luna stood up leaving the group to their thoughts as she called Duck and Clementine out to continue their lessons, Sophia joined them after asking her mother for permission which she gave before following her daughter to Luna and her group’s makeshift classroom.

The rest of the day passed relatively well with Luna checking on Rick and Lori’s son who she now knew was named Carl, it was the sun was setting and the two weren’t back yet which worried Luna and the others but they couldn’t risk sending anyone on the off chance that they would have missed each other, as Luna was pondering this dilemma, Carl had apparently woken up when she refocused her attention to the room, Luna watched the family talk before the child’s eyes rolled back into his head making Luna release a sigh as she spoke. “He’s going into shack, he’s going to hack a seizure, back away and let it pass, otherwise your going to hurt him.” hearing her words the husband and wife backed away from the bed and a few seconds later the child began convulsing uncontrollably, Luna watched as Lori tried to get to their son with Rick holding her back, both watching helplessly as their son thrashed around the bed, when the boy stilled Luna approached the bed and gently lifted the boy up before laying him back down, taking the bow’s blood pressure Luna released a sigh before turning to Rick and Lori, he needs another transfusion, Rick nodded before rolling up his sleeves as Luna prepared the transfusion pump, beginning the transfusion Luna spoke to both of them. “He wont last till morning, if those two don’t come back by midnight, I’ll begin the operation, hopefully if I put him under just enough so that remains able to breath he won’t wake up while I operate on him.” Luna finished the transfusion and as she was tending to the needle wound Lori spoke asking her a question. “Are you even a doctor?” Luna looked at her as she was returning the transfusion pump back to it’s place. “I used to work at a hospital” Lori perked up at that asking her second question. “As a Doctor?” Luna considered her question before answering. “Yes” Lori released a sigh of relief at her answer which made Luna almost chuckle to herself at she couldn’t very well tell the woman that she had been a doctor almost two hundred years ago .

it was an hour after that they heard a truck pulling over at the front of the farm house Luna, Rick Lori along with Kenny and Carley rushed towards the porch of the house Luna was first to notice that there was only one person inside the truck, as the man got out Luna recognized him as Shane, Luna studied him carefully as he began to explain what happened to Rick who hugged him he seemed distraught but Luna approached and and pulled Rick back before she spoke”Where is Otis?” Luna’s voice was cold her face devoid of expression as she watched him carefully, Shane’s pupils began to dilate, his breathing agitated Luna could heat the blood pumping in his veins and she could smell the distinct smell of adrenaline, this made Luna growl she grabbed Shane’s wrist placing two of her fingers on his pulse point beginning to monitor his pulse, Luna asked once again. “Where is Otis?” Luna carefully observed Shane and by this time most of both groups were standing outside the farmhouse watching them both. “They kept blocking us at every turn. We had nothing left. We were down to 10 rounds. Then he said… he said he’d cover me and that I should keep going. So that’s what I did. I just… I kept going. But I… I looked back and he… I tried. He wanted to make it right.” as he spoke Luna’s anger rose and when he finished Luna, slapped him making his head slam onto the side of the truck “DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME YOU SON OF A BITCH” Luna snarled at him before turning to Rick and Lori. “You son is on his own, this son of a bitch killed Otis, it’s a life for a life” Ricka and Lori looked at her in disbelief, Luna began walking towards the farm house only to me interrupted by Rick grabbing her arm. “You can’t do this, you ave to save my boy” Luna glared at him before looking back at Shane then back at Rick. “Alright, a life for a life, kill your friend and I’ll help your son” Luna said these words as she yanked her arm from his grasp before folding them bellow her chest, Rick stared at Luna and she met his eyes glaring back at him.

Rick was about to reply to him when they head the cock of a shotgun along with a small scream, Luna and Rick along with the rest of the group turned and stare in horror as they saw Shane holding at shotgun behind Clementine, Luna’s group brought out their pistols pointing them at Shane. Drop the gun” Lee shouted from behind Luna as he pointed his gun at Shane, Luna glared at him her eyes burning with anger. “Help Carl or I’ll shoot” Luna was quick to answer him her voice menacing. “Drop the gun and I’ll help the boy” Shane however kept the gun pointed at Clementine’s back before shouting at Luna. “Help the boy now before I blow a hole on this girl’s chest” Luna was positively radiating her anger now, maybe even leaking her magic as the others could see a small aura translucent red surrounding her before she spoke again. “Drop the gun and I’ll help the boy, the more you delay the the longer before he’ll get help” before Shane could answer a shot was heard startling the group before another shot rang out followed by several others, Luna watched in horror as Clementine’s side was blown off by the shotgun while Shane had several bullets in his chest Luna is a flash like lightning had her gun out and put one into Shane’s head before she lifted Clementine into her arms and rushed inside the house, Luna ran into a room before locking it using several charms to lock the door before silencing it, Luna laid Clementine down on the bed and began working her healing magic onto her side tears pooling from her eyes as she pumped her magic into the little girl, slowly the broken organs began to regenerate followed by her flesh but the girl was loosing too much blood , Luna looked up as Clementine began to cough blood oozing from her mouth. cursing Luna looked down at her hands before looking back up at the girls eyes, Luna began to steel herself before looking Clementine in directly in her eyes. “I’m going to save you sweetie but I’m sorry” with that proclamation Luna took her knife and without any hesitation made a deep cut on her wrist, turning her wrist over Luna let her blood flow straight down into Clementine’s mouth. “Drink it sweetie drink it, O’ll save you no matter what it takes” Luna watched helplessly as Clementine remained immobile before the little girl began slowly drinking her blood making Luna smile in relief as her wrist began to heal Luna lowered her arm and waited knowing that her blood would still need to combat the virus inside Clementine’s body before she’d make the change, conjuring bandages Luna continued healing Clementine’s side until what was left was newly formed pinkish skin, using the bandages to bandage up the girl Luna slumped down on the side of the bed before she removed the locking and silencing charms on the door, as the charms vanished the door was bashed open by Lee and Kenny, the two were startled to see the bloody bed along with Luna covered in blood slumped next to it, slowly after the two the group began to file into the room everyone gasping in horror at the sight of so much blood.

Is she?” Lee had left the rest of the question unanswered but Luna slowly lifted herself up from the the side of the bed sitting beside Clementine using her left hand to caress the girl’s hair. “No she’s alive, she’s not out of the woods but she’s alive, might taker her a few days to wake however.” Luna said this before sluggishly standing up the emotional high and the stress getting to her. “Someone clean the room and the sheets just be careful when moving her.” Luna said as she began to walk out of the room listlessly lacking the usual commanding presence it was like she was robbed of her life. “Where are you going” It was Katjaa who asked this question as she took hold of Luna’s arm. Luna looked at her forcing a soft smile however it looked more like a grimace before she answered. “I still need to operate on Carl, Lee could you keep watch over Clementine?” after answering Katjaa who reluctantly let her arm go Luna turned to Lee and aired her question. “Of course, I’ll watch over our little sweet pea while you go save that boy” Luna could only nod gratefully as she walked over to the bathroom to wash up, Luna entered the bathroom and stripped off her bloody clothes before she entered the shower and turned it on, the temperature was hot too hot but Luna didn’t mind as she let the water wash the blood from her body, her mind was a whirlwind of questions and thoughts most prominent of them was how was she going to help Clementine get accustomed to her new situation, then there was the matter of how the virus would interact with her blood, for one her blood was special in that she was a magical and not just an ordinary vampire so Luna was hoping that her blood would eliminate the virus, but unless the girl woke she wouldn’t know the effects of the virus if there were any, lastly she thought abut what to do with Rick and his group but she pushed that aside for now, she’d operate on the boy and then she’d keep watch over Clementine, walking out of the shower Luna came face to face with Beth who offered her clothes, smiling at the girl thank fully Luna got dressed, when she came out of the bathroom Luna released a long breath before steeling herself, she would operate on Ricks boy and they stay at Clementine’s side, with that in mind Luna gathered herself and walked towards the room where Carl was sleeping.