Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse Chapter 7

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC

The group fell into the routine of working in the farm and hunting for food, consuming what supplies they had if the hunt didn’t turn up anything and this day was one of those days, weeks had passed since the world had probably ended or at least most of it did in Luna’s mind, she never expected to arrive at this world in an apocalypse but if there was one thing she had no control over it was her jumps, you see when someone jumped sideways in time and space there was no telling what world or dimension they’d arrive in, it wasn’t like jumping forwards or backwards in time where in one your certain to go into the future while in the other your certain to go into the past, jumping sideways was and always has been uncharted territory, there had never been any studies into this matter as no one but her as far as she knew succeeded in the en devour of jumping sideways in the streams of time and dimensions, there were rumors of the few being able to accomplish such a feat but she was sure that even then like her they had theories on what happens when they travel but no way to test the theory, this now led to Luna’s current predicament as de facto leader of a small group of people trying to survive an apocalypse and if they were to survive while keeping everyone alive she needed to have a conversation with someone that was long overdue, standing up from her seat bellow a tree as she watched Clementine and Duck play hopscotch on the grass she walked towards the Hershel family farmhouse and entered, coming into the living room she saw Beth collecting bottles of beer that her father had drunk, Luna wondered how much liquor they had because Hershel never seemed to run out of the bloody things, looking up as she entered Beth approached her and sked if she needed anything and Luna took a deep breath before speaking.

Would you leave us alone for a few minutes, I think it’s time I have a talk with your father” Beth nodded slowly before leaving the rooom glancing at her father as she did so, Luna watched her leave the room before she took a seat on one of the couches remaining silent, Luna just sat there her eyes never looking away from Hershel, even here it seemed it was a battle of wills as the silence went on neither seemed to be backing down no one spoke, the few minutes Luna had asked of Beth already lapsed causing some of the group to check in on them, Lee, Clementine, Beth and Maggie peered quietly by the doorway watching the two sitting in couches opposite from each other, Luna calmly looked at Hershel while he stared back clutching a bottle of beer in on hand, finally after more than a hour had been maybe feeling tired of the silence or having lost the battle of wills Hershel was the first to speak. “I know what you want, but I wont do it” Luna steepled her fingers together leaning in slightly before speaking. “What do you think I want Hershel?” Hershel looked at her in anger before snarling. “You want me to apologize to admit I was wrong and you were right” Luna frowned at him before speaking in a far more calmer tone than he used.”I don’t want you to do any of that, just that that you acknowledge that you were wrong and for your daughters sake stop drinking.” Luna let her words sink in as she sat there looking at him her gaze searching for his eyes conveying nothing but concern she wanted him to stop drinking and honestly she was just concerned for his daughters, she didn’t care if he decided he didn’t want to kill walkers, she and the other could take care of that but if they were going to stay in this farm HIS farm they had to at least get along, Hershel released a sigh before placing his bottle on the table and standing up. “Why don’t you and I take a walk” Luna nodded curtly as she too stood up and followed Hershel out the doorway and into the porch, the two didn’t walk far just a few minutes outside the farmhouse to the east boundary of the property.

What do you see?” He asked as the two stood near a low cliff overlooking a valley. “I see nature in it’s beauty” Luna said after a few seconds of looking at the scenery before her, it was true the sight of the distant forest surrounding what she assumed were field of rice and maybe corn at one part with a river flowing down in a zig zag pattern in the middle/ “What I see is the work of god” This honestly cracked Luna up as she thought “oh please not this speech” outwardly Luna looked at Hershel in slight sorry before she replied. “Hershel there might have been once a God who watched over this world but that all ended one August Sunday just about two months ago maybe even before that, they say god rested on the seventh day, what if god did rest he or she remarked that the word was finished and there was nothing else they could do” Luna answered Hershel speaking her mind regarding his views, Hershel was silent for a moment seemingly gathering his thoughts. “You said you and Clementine were found by Lee and he helped you with the walkers” Luna nodded at this “You said that you Carley and Doug saved your life back in Macon, tell me don’t you feel God’s hand his presence in those events” Luna released a sigh before shaking her head and answering “Hershel those were the acts of humans helping each other, good people wanting to help others survive it had nothing to do with god, don’t you think people prayed back when all this started, don’t you think people begged, screamed, cried, pleaded for mercy when all this began. well seems to me that those prayers went unanswered after all the man YOU helped told us that Atlanta was gone it’s not the land of the dead, the land of those monsters you refuse to acknowledge.” Luna’s voice had risen a bit at her tirade but she needed him to understand so she lowered her voice by the end and pleaded with in with her eyes and her expression, he however remained silent before looking over the valley once again, it took a while for him to reply but when he did it seemed he considered his words carefully. “If there is no god then what am I supposed to believe in? I know the misconception I made you made that painfully clear to me, those are monsters but you see Luna, when you’ve believed in the fate for as long as I have and then sudden;y that belief is shattered into a million pieces by some I don’t even know what you are, where does that leave me?“Luna released a soft sigh before speaking. “It leaves you here, with us with your family, it leaves you just the way you used to be a father, Shawn and Annette might be gone but you still have your daughters, Maggie and Beth to take care of, it leaves you just they way you are a grieving father who has to take care of his daughters in a world abandoned by god.” the two returned to the farmhouse an hour after leaving it, Luna hoped she got to Hershel and that things would begin to improve, otherwise she had to think on what to do going forward as if he continued on his current path, he would undoubtedly be dead in a month or two if not then he would be knocking on that door.

It had been a while since Luna had her talk with Hershel the man had stopped drinking but he was still cooped up inside the farmhouse, at the very least it was an improvement, now she was out in the forest with Clementine who she was teaching how to hunt. “Clem sweetie when hunting apart from your weapon your best assets are your five senses” Luna walked with the little girl both of them holding army knives and strapped onto both their shoulders were quivers and they were holding bows on their left hands as they traversed the forest, Luna had fashioned the bows along with the arrows after her talk with Hershel yesterday, now the two were traveling alongside the creak, when they suddenly heard rustling on their left causing Luna to place a finger to her lips before she gently moved behind Clementine, as instructed Clementine took a deep breath before positioning her feet apart maintaining her balance knocking the arrow on the bow while keeping it pointed down before lifting it up and drawing the string, steadying her breath into controlled beats she waited, when from the bushes a little girl came running Clementine has to stop herself from releasing the arrow as she gasped, Luna behind her moved to the child’s side as the two waited for the girl to either see them in her way or knock onto them. the two however were ill prepared for the walker that snarled running after the girl, Luna quickly knocked on her bow and aimed but before she could released the arrow another one impaled itself into the walkers head killing it, however as the walker toppled over it caught the running girl on her feet causing the girl to fall flat onto her face.

Luna rushed towards the girl before scanning her looking for any wounds and not finding any except for scratched likely caused by her running through the woods, Luna lifted the girl up in her arms before carrying her as Clementine followed the two carrying what seemed to be two rabbits in her hands with a wide smile on her face, as they neared the farm Luna turned back to check on Clementine and upon seeing her holding the two animals she was confused as to how she had caught them however she shrugged it off deciding she’d ask her charge later on at the moment her priority was this girl they had found in the woods, as they arrived at the farm Luna and Clementine were inundated with questions, asking Katjaa to tend to the girl Luna answered their questions before turning and congratulating her in catch and asking her how she caught the rabbits, Clementine looked at Luna tilting her head to the side a bit as she answered. “I shot them with the bow hwile you were looking over that girl” Luna blinked once then twice before dissolving in laughter pulling her charge into a hug before saying. “Never change Clementine sweetie never change” the rest of the day passed relatively peacefully as Katjaa finished cleaning the girl up before dressing her in clean clothes, one or two members of the group would check on the girl occasionally before going back to their chores as the girl appeared to be content to sleep, it wasn’t until dinnertime when Luna and Clementine brought food to the room that housed the girl that the girl woke up from her long sleep.

the girl slowly stirred from her slumber as Luna took a seat Clementine opting to sit on her lap as Luna wrapped an arm around her waist as the two watched their guest slowly wake up, first the girl opened her eyes before sitting up looking around in confusion at the unfamiliar surroundings she was in until her eyes landed on Luna and Clementine, the girl’s eyes widened and fear crept onto her face as she slowly backed away from the two until her back hit the headboard, Luna who was indulging Clementine by running her fingers through the girl’s hair shook her head before looking at their guest and seeing her fearful stance, Luna spoke in a calm voice as she played with Clementine’s hair not wanting to move suddenly and increase their guest’s fright. “don’t worry we’re not going to hurt you sweetie, we found you in the woods being chased by a walker, unfortunately you passed out from the shock of falling down on the ground or of fear when we killed the walker chasing you” Luna offered to the girl, Luna really wasn’t harboring any ill intentions to the girl and she didn’t like beating around the bush hence the quick explanation, the girl for her part listened attentively before nodding seemingly accepting Luna’s explanation, after several minutes the girl still did not speak so Luna spoke again. “Why don’t you take a bit to eat sweetie, you must be starving, food is on the nightstand” Luna said this and she kept up playing with Clementine’s hair the two of them not moving from their positions just watching the girl for her reactions, for Luna it was out of concern for Clementine it was out of curiosity as she idly wondered if the girl could be her friend, as it would be nice to have a friend close to her age aside from duck.

The gift looked at the nightstand before slowly approaching it, she seemed to smell the food which was rabbit stew the smell wafting around the room, the first however did not reach for the food instead she turned towards Luna and Clementine and spoke. “Where am I?” Luna was honestly relieved when the girl finally spoke, she was a bit worried that the girl lost her ability to speak due to mental trauma, it was actually worrisome when the girl didn’t ask where she was nor scream for help as soon as she woke up. “Your inside a farmhouse belonging to the green family” Luna answered the girl as Clementine moved from her lap to sit on an a chair beside her, the girl seemed to process that for a few moments before speaking once again. “I need to return to my mom” Luna looked at the girl before answering her. “I’m afraid thats not possible sweetie” at these words the girl’s eyes widened in fear but Luna hastened to placate the girl. “It’s already nighttime sweetie, if you’d like we’ll help you find your mom tomorrow for now eat” the girl hesitantly nodded her head before moving across the bed and beginning to eat the food on the nightstand, as if an afterthought Luna spoke again. “Sweetie what’s your name?” the girl seemed to hesitate a bit holding a spoonful of rice before lowering it gently to the plate. “My name is Sophia”