Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse Chapter 6

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC

The drive to farm after the revelation with Clementine was terribly silent, Luna while she was driving along the highway was berating herself internally for not noticing the signs. ‘pin point shooting, easy grasp on theory and explanation, able to follow instructions to the letter and calm situational awareness. I should have fucking seen through it easily but NO I ASSUMED SHE WAS JUST AN INTELLIGENT CHILD‘ Luna screamed at herself internally as she closed her eyes ‘AND BECAUSE OF THAT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT I LIED TO HER, SHE WONT EVER FORGET THAT‘ Luna knew because she herself had much the same ability if not more developed, is he was right Clementine has either eidetic or photographic memory but as Clementine remembered the voice messages with perfect clarity Luna was banking on the later, looking at Lee who looked confused and shocked Luna decided to break the ice that had settled inside the truck.

“Clem sweetie, What do you think happened to your parents?” Luna asked the girl tentatively as she continued driving, several cars passed them going the other way which she assumed were people going out of Atlanta two of three cars overtook them which seemed to headed towards the city. “I think the hospital where Daddy went with Mommy was attacked while she was calling Sandra” Luna nodded at her assessment at what most likely happened however their theory couldn’t and wouldn’t be confirmed unless they went to Savannah/ “We’ll Clementine sweetie while we can assume the worse happened to your parents, we wont know what really happened to them unless we go to Savannah, but sweetie at this time I don’t think it’s possible to go there first we have to survive the monsters” if Luna was honest with herself she wanted to leave and rush towards Savannah to look for her parents but with the onset of the outbreak they couldn’t risk the mobs, the riots, the confusion, anger, grief and the people who would take advantage of it, their best hope was to get back to the farm and ride out even just the first month of the outbreak.”I understand but we’ll still go and search for them right?” Clementine looked at Luna and then at Lee almost pleadingly, Luna was saved from answering her as Lee spoke. “Yes Sweetie we will, after everything has settled down for a bit then we’ll go and search for your parents” Luna smiled at this before nodding when Clementine looked towards her, as she turned back to the road she had to slam the breaks reaching a hand out to protect Clementine from hitting the dash. “FUCK” Luna cursed at she looked infront of her to the mass of cars going into Atlanta wondering why the hellp were these people going into the city, taking the walkie on the dash and extending the antenna she pushed the button before speaking into it having given the other walker to Carley and the others. “Hey guys any idea why people are going to Atlanta?” Luna said releasing the bottom before an immediate response came from the other end. “There’s an emergency broadcast from the radio telling people that there are shelters in Atlanta along with food and medical help, they’re also apparently developing a cure” Luna herd Glenn answer from the other side, she took a moment to think about it and was about to reply when Glenn spoke from the walkie once again. “Luna I have friends that are sure to be going there, you guys can go to the farm I’ve talked to Carley and Doug and they’re coming with you but I’m leaving to find my friends” Luna took a deep breath and exhaled before replying to him, she knew it was a bad idea but she couldn’t ask him to abandon his friends. “alright Glenn, do what you have to do, I wish you the best”.

That was the last they heard of him before everything went to hell.

The group arrived at the farms hours later, exhausted from the traffic jam it had been already morning when they arrived, the group were welcomed by Hershel and Kenny along With Shawn who apparently felt well enough to walk around, at first Hershel was against the trailer of weapons they brought back but was persuaded to allow it by Shawn backed by Luna, Kenny and Lee, outnumbered he allowed it but as a precaution, he put his foot down against people carrying guns in his farm, they’d be able to train and they’d have them when the need occurred but he was not having gun wielding people walking around his farm like a bunch of terrorists, the group turned in for the day to rest from the long hours in the road before walking up and helping fortify the fence along with doing chores in the farm, the days blurred together as Luna taught Clementine how to improve her shooting to avoid missing her targets, Kenny wanted her to teach duck as well however Katjaa vehemently disagree and the matter was dropped almost instantly, Katjaa and Lee helped by Luna took turns teaching the kids acting as tutors Kattjaa for Math and English, Lee taught History while Luna taught Science. duck didn’t care much for what they were teaching preferring to play while Clementine took their lessons and excelled at them surprising the adults apart from Luna who supported her with a knowing smile giving her harder subjects suck as chemistry and physics much the the other adult’s chagrin and Clementine’s enjoyment, eventually Lee and Katjaa gave in and began teaching the girl advanced subjects as well while duck was taught at a sedate pace for his level, the group also met the farm hand named Otis and his wife Patrica, they also met Hershel’s wife Annette along with his daughters Maggie and Beth later on they also met Beth’s boyfriend Jimmy when he came to be with them after his family was attacked.

Days passed without incident until one night the farm was woken by the sound of helicopters flying overhead waking the inhabitants of the farm, the people rushed out from the farmhouse and the barn just in time to hear several explosions which the assumed came from Atlanta, what those explosions were they will never know until the day after when a man came to the farm calling for help, he was bitten by a walker and he told them that Atlanta was lost overrun by walkers and that the government bombed the place to contain them. the man then informed the group that people turn weather they die of a bit or not which surprised Luna s her initial assumption was it was the bite that injected the virus onto the person as the conversation went on Hershel contended to the the man disinfecting his bite before wrapping it in bandages despite Luna’s words that it wouldn’t help, Hershel then led the man in his house to rest despite Luna’s warning even scathingly calling her a heartless woman Kenny, Ketjaa and Lee along with Clementine and Duck talked with her reasoning that Hershel would soon realize his mistake but they were wrong very wrong.

A day had passed since Hershel brought the man inside, the man got weaker and the fever settled in and on that afternoon unknowns the everyone the man died, later that evening as everyone prepared for their meal a deer courtesy of Luna who had gone hunting earlier that day before returning and being helped by the group butcher and skin the dear for it’s meat, as the group were seated outside eating their meal under the stars and florescent lights a scream startled them from inside the house it was Annette who stood from the table to check on the man they were caring for and to give him food, worried the group as a whole stood from the table however Shawn was out of his seat like a bolt of lightning and was already stepping inside the house as the others stood to follow, as the group entered the house the found Shawn fighting off the a walker the man who had already turned bit into his neck while Shawn’s mother laid on the floor of the room where they kept their patient, Enraged by the scene Hershel stabbed the man with a knife putting him down, however Luna knew the walker would get up once again so she brandished a combat knife taking from the same warehouse they had looted for weapons and stabbed the walked in the head as it tried to get up and attack Hershel.

Hershel who had turned around watched in horror as Luna did this screamed at her. “You murderer, how could you? you murdered a man.” Luna looked at him in disbelief as she replied. “Hershel you have to understand, thats no longer a man but a monster, once someone turns they’re already monsters not men.” Hershel however looked at her as if she had grown two heads before screaming back. “No these people are just sick, they’re alive just with a disease, those men you killed back when Shawn was attacked were men too, I was willing to overlook that because you saved Shawn but this this is too much, you killed people GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Luna was shocked at this proclamation as she took at step back at his biting words momentarily afraid however this only lasted for a moment before her face became cold and expression, she about to grab Hershel to talk and maybe beat some sense to him when Clementine who was behind her took a hold of her hand making her turn towards the girl her expression softening as she saw who it was. “Luna is it true? are you a killer like Lee?” this made Luna glance momentarily at Lee who shrugged before she turned back to the girl. “Clem Sweetie Lee killed a man yes but the man he killed was a bad man, that man hurt Lee a lot, I killed these monsters because they’re going to hurt us, they’ll hurt duck, Katjaa, Lee and everyone around us including you, you see Clementine sometime people do bad things, things they might regret not all people do it because they like to do it but they do it because they want to protect someone or themselves.” Luna carefully explained this to the girl who nodded thoughtfully, while in the background Shawn had already turned was was being pushed by Hershel who carefully dodged his grabbing hands while leading him towards the room where Annette was undoubtedly there as well, Luna who turned and say this looked towards the others and whispered to them to hold Hershel down as she dealt with the walkers, the others who knew how dangerous those monsters were nodded their heads before they slowly creeped towards Hershel before holding his arms and holding him back, Hershel screamed to for them to let him go attracting Shawn’s attention at he went to attack him, Luna who was beside the group put a stop to this by stabbing Shawn in the abdomen putting him down, at this Hershel screamed and struggled against the group who hold him back at Luna spoke. “Hershel you need to understand, these are monsters they aren’t human anymore, anything human about them went away when they died these are just beasts hunting for food.” as if to emphasize her point Shawn who had been down and was supposedly dead slowly got up to resume walking to the group growling and sputtering incoherently like a rabid dog, Hershel tried to reach out towards Shawn but was held back by the group as Luna Kicked Shawn in the face before stabbing him in the chest, the others looked away but they kept hold of Hershel, they didn’t like how brutal Luna was being but they agreed that Hershel needed to open his eyes to the truth that these walkers were real dangers and that they weren’t human anymore, Luna for her part after stabbing Shawn a second time looked towards Hershell before peaking. “If these really aren’t monsters and are human then how do you explain them coming back? Humans never come back from the dead Hershel the die and stop moving not come back and hurt others” as Luna finished this little speech she turn and stabbed Shawn who had just started to get up again on the head, at this statement Hershel slumped down on the ground as his daughters who had been watching the whole ordeal came to his sides to give him comfort, as Annette turned walker walked out of the room Luna stabbed her in the head with one quick strike not having any reason to prolong her suffering like she did Shawn, that night Luna slept clutching Clementine close to her drawing comfort from the little girl.

Days passed since that encounter and the farm had settled into a somewhat normal routine, the group took turns every single day in checking the perimeter of the farm for walkers being careful to stay inside the fence and quietly dispatching walkers that came near it, Otis, Luna and Lee took turns every other day in hunting for food with Luna bringing in the larger catches of the three, that wasn’t saying that the other two did not occasionally bring a deer or a wild boar, Luna was simply a good hunter having lived in the forest for most of her childhood and also due to her abilities, the days turned into weeks and on a particular day when the hunt wasn’t fruitful and they had to use the food they had looted from the convenience store all weeks ago just as they were boiling water to cook some noodles the power went out rendering the electric stove they were using useless, Katjaa who had been preparing the meal released a soft sigh in frustration, they had expected this what with the world seemingly in ruins but for it to occur while she was cooking was quite the disaster, moving through the kitchen and into the living room Katyaa asked Maggie if they had a stone fueled by wood or coal, after telling Katjaa that there was one inside the barn and being told that the power went out, Maggie returned to caring for her father who had taken up drinking days after the incident with Luna, Beth her sister went with Katjaa and with the help of Lee, they set the stove up so Katjaaa could resume cooking while Lee returned to helping Luna teach the two kids.

the days in the farm went on to be peaceful with the occasional walker being killed by the fence everything was mostly fine apart from Hershel sinking deeper into the bottle.