Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC

Several hours had passed since the attack of the undead on the farm, Luna Lee and Kenny worked on the surrounding fences reinforcing them with wood and barbed wire, halfway done with the fence they were joined by Hershel in reinforcing the fence of his farm informing them that Shawn woke up and was now sleeping much to everyone joy, when the reinforcement of the fence was done Kenny had a talk with Hershel Lee and Luna about leaving for Macon at which Luna suggested that Kenny and his family should stay at the farm while she, Lee and Clementine travel to Macon, Luna reasoned that they shouldn’t risk everyone traveling from the farm as who knew how many undead there were, Kenny reluctantly agreed with Luna’s suggestion after being persuaded by his wife that staying was a good idea. deciding that they could risk to travel between Macon and the farm within the day Lee, Luna and Clementine got into the truck headed for the road on highway I-20E. the ride to Macon was spent in silence with Lee driving the three of them Luna watching the road while Clementine rested her head on her shoulder.

So what landed you on the back of a police car? Luna asked Lee breaking the silence of the drive, the highway was rather empty apart from the ocassional undead which they avoided.

What does it matter now? Lee answered obviously trying to avoid the topic.

Well for starters I’d like to know what kind of man the person I’m trusting my life with along with this little girl. Luna answered him in a tone that stated that her trust in his was a fact and that she was just asking for their sake, Lee released a sigh his eyes not straying from the road before he answered.

I found out my wife was cheating on me, caught her and the guy in our bed in our house, my eyes just went red and I beat the guy to death, he was the state senator.

Mhmm. Luna hummed as she thought of a response to his story, she couldn’t fault him for what he’s done after all humans do a lot of things in their anger, things they later regret.

You should have killed your wife as well. as Luna stated this Lee couldn’t help but take his eyes off the road and stare at her his mouth slightly agape unable to believe what she was saying.

I mean you’d be going away for homicide already why not make it double, after all she did cheat on you, while we don’t know if your wife seduced the senator or the senator seduced her it isn’t fair that only one of them get’s killed don’t you think. Luna stated this her eyes still focused on the road before she reached over and pushed the steering wheel a little to the left causing the truck to move lanes and avoid colliding with one of the undead, this also caused Lee to return his focus on the road as he spoke.

You fucking crazy.

I know. Luna replied without missing a beat a soft smile gracing her features as she continued.

Well it’s nice to know your a good man Lee, just uhh don’t expect me to call you Father or Daddy. These words cracked Lee up as he burst out laughing followed by Luna as he shook his head .

I’m not counting on you to.

What so funny? Clementine who had awoken with their laughter asked as she raised her head from Luna’s shoulder.

Nothing sweetie we were just talking about… a joke of Scotsmen. Lee glanced at Luna not having any idea what she was talking about while Clementine merely nodded her head.

The three took the next exit from the highway as they saw the sign for Macon, it took then just a few minutes for the three to reach the county, Lee slowly guided the truck along the road watching for the undead however he had to stop as several vehicles were blocking the road, turning the engine off and getting out of the truck the three of them exited the truck to the road with Lee carrying his shotgun they began to walk on foot to the Everett Pharmacy, passign by a large sign Luna asked for them to stop as she gestured towards a building.

We should check this building out, we might be able to get some more ammo and a few guns. Lee read the sign that stated “Firearm Traders Warehouse LLC” and nodded, approaching the shop with Luna leading the way the three were greeted with a roll up shutter with a padlock at the bottom, Luna smirked before pulling out a paper clip from her pocket before beginning to work on the lock, it took her a few minutes to unlock the padlock but when she did she removed it and raised the shutters for the shop, Luna made quick work of the lock on the door allowing the three to enter the shop with displayed various guns of different calibers with boxes of ammo on the shelves behind the counter, Lee and Luna walked around the shop picking up two bags and loading them with a few guns all in all they had four rifles one of them a 50BMG which Luna found hidden in the backroom of the shop at least a dozen pistols of different calibers and several boxes of ammo, Luna also took two Semi automatics along with several mags.

Let’s loot this place full when we return from your family pharmacy, at the very least stock up on ammo. Luna stated which Lee agreed with before they exited the shop and pulled the shutters down, as they were walking from the shop Luna rummaged through the bag she was carrying before pulling out a “S&W 351C” 22 caliber pistol and handed it to Clementine along with bullets.

Clem here hold this and place these in your pockets. Luna said handing Clementine the gun before helping her place the bullets in her pockets. Lee who was walking in front of them stopped to look at both of them gasped before exclaiming.

Whoa Whoa Whoa, Why are you giving her a gun?. He asked Luna incredulously.

Because she needs to be able to protect herself. Luna answered him Simply while Clementine looked at the gun in her hands with wonder.

She’s still a little girl. Lee countered coming closer to the two.

So would you rather leave her unprotected? Like it or not Lee the both of us can’t be there for her every time, there will come a moment where we’d be unable to come to her aid you know. Luna reasoned out, this made Lee stop to think on it and the more he thought about it the more he realized Luna was right, however he still didn’t like the idea of Clementine holding a gun.

I still don’t like it. Lee said crossing his arms.

You think I do? Luna asked him before continuing. I’m going to teach her how to shoot and hopefully kill the undead then she’d have a gun she can use if she’s in trouble and were not there to help her.

Lee could only nod at this as he continued to lead the way towards his family Pharmacy, as they got closer to the Pharmacy the large sign proclaiming the name “Everett Pharmacy” being a good indicator that they were close, their path was blocked by undead monsters roaming the streets, by Luna’s count there were atleast 20 of them, well at least those that they could see, not one to waist an opportunity Luna began teaching Clementine how to use her gun.

Remember sweetie, a gun is not a toy it’s a tool, a tool you use to hurt someone, you use a gun to protect yourself and those you hold dear. Luna told Clementine as she taught her how to hold the gun properly, adjusting the girl’s hold and relaxing her arms.

Now sweetie I want you to aim for the head and squeeze the trigger, while I cover your ears. Luna moved behind Clementine and used both her hands to cover the girls ears as they girl aimed her first shot and fired blasting the brains out of the closest undead and attracting their attention.

My arms hurt. Clementine whined in a small voice as the undead began approaching their direction.

You’ll have to bear with it to get used to the feeling sweetie, Luna told the girl gently as she raised the girl’s arms again relaxing them and preparing her to shoot, behind them Lee was holding another pistol this one a “9mm Glisenti” he was ready to being firing if the undead got too close for comfort.

Alright sweetie aim for the head. Luna instructed covering Clementines ears from behind her as she shot her second shot blasting another undead’s brains out. Very good Clementine now I want you to aim and shoot for the other monsters. Clementine obeyed her as Luna covered her ears the girl began firing at the undead, one two three four more undead perished at her hand while her lost shot missed. with all her ammo gone Luna and spoke to Lee.

Cover us while I teach her how to reload. Lee began firing at the undead downing them as Luna knelt next to Clementine and spoke to her.

When you run out of bullets sweetie you push the the chamber out and fill them with bullets. Luna carefully taught the girl how to reload the gun before handing it back to her.

Now sweetie lets practice you shooting without me covering your ears. Luna stood beside Clementine the girl angled her shot remembering her posture, this made Luna smile as she pulled out a gun of her own and aimed, when Clementine fire her first shot the girl was momentarily surprised by the sound of the gun before she recovered and began firing again,Luna joined her and Lee at firing at the undead as a few more seemed to come out of the streets joining the already considerable number, Lee Clementine and Luna begin walking towards the Pharmacy shooting at the undead and leaving them in their wake with Luna leading and Lee covering their backs, Clementine stayed in the middle, as the three approached the Pharmacy several gunshots came from inside making Luna turn her gun on the Pharmacy just as a woman rushed outside and began shooting at the undead.

GET INSIDE! someone shouted from inside the Pharmacy making the four run inside while a fluffy man closes and padlocks the metal gate before rushing inside and closing the door.

We can’t take risks like this! a woman shouts at the woman who rushed outside and helped the three.

And we can’t just let people die, either. the woman answered the other woman heatedly.

When I SAY “that door stays shut no matter what” I fucking MEAN it. We don’t know who these people are; they could be dangerous! look they have guns. the woman shouted back.

Worse, they could’ve led ’em right to us! a fat whale of a man interjected in the argument.

Where the hell is your humanity?! They would’ve died out there! the woman who helped them responded to the man.

Then we let ’em! the man responded heatedly spit spluttering for his mouth.

Whoa bitch chill the fuck out. were just people trying to avoid those things just like you. Luna shouted at the woman, the whale of a man took at punch at her which caused her to dodge and return a punch onto his abdominal area which caused him to gasp.

Take a punch at me again old man and I swear I’m going to make you fucking regret it. Luna cursed at the whale as he doubled over in pain, while this was occurring Clementine tentatively pulled on Lee’s hand making him look at her.

I need to pee. Lee nodded at the girl and let her towards the restroom, the woman who was shouting at the other woman who helped them was now helping the man who tried to punch Luna sit down on the ground before she glared at Luna.

You bitch, you don’t get to come in here and swear at me before punching my father! she shouted at Luna who returned her glare with a with menacing one as she replied with a growl.

Oh bitch I’m going to fucking say what I want to say to you as long as your threatening me and my own, as for your father he should learn to not try and punch someone who’s perfectly willing to teach him with his own medicine. the woman was taken aback by Luna’s tone as she spoke, Luna’s eyes were cold carrying a promise of pain and suffering making the woman gulp, a scream tore Luna’s attention away from the woman and her father as she turned and saw an undead monster approaching Clementine and Lee, fast as lightning Luna pulled her gun and fired hitting the monster in the head causing it to fall backwards as she rushed towards the two.

Are you both alright? Luna asked them in concern holstering her gun and Checking Clementine for injuries.

We’re fine. Lee replied as Luna finished checking Clementine before moving to him making Luna stop.

I’m glad your both alright. Luna released a soft sight in relief as Clementine gently tugged at her hand making her look at her.

Yes, Sweetie?

Can I pee now? Luna nodded standing up and approaching the restroom, checking inside and making sure there were no more threats Luna turned towards Clementine.

Alright sweetie it’s safe, you can go pee. Clementine smiled at her before entering the restroom and closing the door, as Luna turned back around she was met with a large fist to her face causing her to stumble back and her nose to bleed, bracing herself on the bathroom door Luna looked at at the person who punched her seeing that it was the old man caused her to smile.

Oh now you’ve done it old man. Luna rushed at him dodging the old man’s arms before unleashing a heavy one two punch combo at his belly tapping into her vampiric strength, the old man took two steps back but Luna wasn’t done she followed him delivering several more quick punches causing the man to vomit blood which Luna dodged before she delivered a hay maker punch to the old man’s cheek shattering his jaw and knocking him out in the process, the woman who was his daughter screamed and rushed towards her fathers side glaring at Luna.


I warned him and he didn’t fucking listen. Luna stated simple as she released a breath she had been holding before going towards the bag she had dropped earlier and rummaging through it, finding what she was looking for she pulled out her gun and changed the magazine.

Lee I don’t see your family here do you? Lee shook his head in reply to Luna’s statement while she check the magazines of the semi automatic hanging from her shoulders.

I say we go out shooting and return to the guns hop, loot it for the ammo and then get back to Atlanta, this place is a bust. Lee nodded dropping his bag before pulling out at M16 and checking it’s mag.

Alright Luna when Clementine gets out of the restroom let’s go, we might just get back to Atlanta. Lee affirmed the plan and as if on cue Clementine opened the door of the restroom and walked out before she approached Luna who asked her for her gun before helping her load it, as the three were checking their ammo the woman who saved them earlier and the man who shut the metal gate along with another man approached Luna.

Hey Luna is it? I’m Carley and this is Glenn and Doug we’d like to come with you to Atlanta if possible. Luna looked at Lee who shrugged his shoulders, Luna continued loading Clementine’s gun as she answered.

Sure, take a gun or ammo from the bag you’ll need it. Glenn and Doug take two 45 Caliber pistols from the bag along with magazines before checking them if they were loaded, Carley for her part continued talking to Luna.

Do you know the man with you is a convicted killer? this made Clementine gasp in surprise while Luna shrugged before replying.

Well I’d trust him with mine and Clem’s live anytime, plus the world has gone to shit, we’ve been killing these undead.

Walkers. Glenn corrected Luna which made her glace at him before continuing.

Walkers left and right, I’d trust that he’s kill them alongside me to save his and our lives and I won’t mind that he had a criminal record. Carley thought on her words as Luna finished loading the revolver handing it back to Clementine, Carley agreed with Luna that the world went to shit and she’d trust her judgement regarding Lee for now.

You sure you should be giving a gun to the kid? Doug asked Luna making Glenn and Carley turn to Clementine holding the revolver in her hands.

She’s a better shot that you. Luna replies simply as she stood up and approached the door, the three looked at each other before shrugging their shoulders and looking back at Luna while warily glancing at Clementine.

We leave when everyone is ready. Luna said as she opened the door to glance outside, several walked were reaching inside the gate masking Luna shake her head before closing the door.

What about us? the woman who was kneeling with her father spoke to those preparing to leave.

You wanted us out of here didn’t you? were just fulfilling your wish. Luna answered the woman with a smile before checking on the others if they were ready.

Alright everyone guns out, we leave here shooting and run north towards “Firearm Traders Warehouse”, we loot the place for weapons and ammo before riding our truck back to Atlanta. Luna looked at everyone ensuring they were ready before she turned around and faced the door Clementine and Lee stepping beside her, when Luna opened the door her first shot was to the lock of the gate her shot was followed by several others downing the five walkers reaching inside the gate as well as catching the attention of the walkers, Luna opened the gate and fired at the nearest walker before sprinting out Lee and Clementine hot on her heels, Luna shot each and every walker in front of her with pinpoint accuracy hitting them between the eyes and dropping them on the street, the six of them ran two block before with a sudden yell Doug tripped in a walked that had been shot down by Luna, halting for a bit Glenn and Carley rushed to help him up while Lee provided cover fire, Luna took this moment to help Clementine load her gun once again flipping the gun over before showing it loaded with bullets to the girl which made her smile, Luna wasn’t above cheating a but if it helped them all but she wouldn’t dare enchant a with infinite bullets lest if fall on the wrong hands. as Doug recovered and everyone replenished their ammo the group began moving once again this time at a more moderate pace as the walked seemed to have thinned out at this pat of town and they intend to keep it that way, reaching the gun shop Luna pulled the shutters up and allowed everyone to enter before she shut it behind her as she was the last to go in blanketing the shop in darkness

The group took the time to rest while Luna searched the shop for the light switches switching the ceiling lights on allowing everyone to see, after their short breather the group began packing up the shop, guns and ammo were the haul of the day and after breaking the door that led into the warehouse bellow they group hit upon a gold mine’s worth of weaponry, it appeared that the warehouse part of the sign up front wasn’t just for show the group found the warehouse full of all sorts of weapons from revolvers to a tommy gun the group couldn’t believe their luck, not one to hook a fit horse in the mouth Luna had Carley, Glenn and Doug drive the trailer truck they found inside the warehouse, while it was a large vehicle she was sure they could park it outside the farm to server as additional defense, the arsenal inside the trailer wasn’t a bad thing either. it took the group hours to load the trailer but having the weaponry to outfit a small army was well worth the work they had to do in emptying the warehouse of it’s contents, the sun had already set and dark had already settled when the group finished loading the trailer, just as they were closing the large doors behind the truck the lights suddenly went out blanketing the warehouse in darkness, Luna who had been walking around the trailer quickly moved back towards the warehouse shelved and grabbed a flashlight, turning one of them on Luna was able to guide the others into obtaining their own flashlights allowing everyone to see.

It seems like electricity has now gone down, meaning we need to make haste, Carley Glenn and Doug you three get into the trailer and drive out of the warehouse, me Lee and Clementine will meet you in the highway towards Atlanta. Carley nodded getting into the drivers seat for the trailer the six of them were getting used to Luna giving out orders as their de facto leader so she did not complain, as she started the truck Glenn and Doug goi into the passenger side and joined her inside the cab, she turned the headlights on to see Lee and Luna opening the warehouse doors to their horror a hoard of walkers were laying in wait outside, the walkers rushed in as soon as the doors were pushed apart, Luna and Lee opened fire while Clementine ran with them, Carley floored the pedal for the truck barreling through the horde crushing the walkers beneath the truck as she drove out of the warehouse, looking at one of the side mirrors she say Lee, Luna and Clementine rushed back inside the gun shop and close the door before she lost sight of it as the truck left the warehouse.

Meanwhile inside the gun shop Luna and Lee changed their magazines having emptied them firing at the hoard of waked that flooded the warehouse, the two prepared themselves as Luna listed the shutters, the three opened fire at the walkers waiting in front of the shop as they made their way to the truck, it seemed that the majority of the walkers were currently inside the warehouse as the three encountered only a few of them on their way, when they reached the truck the three filed in with Luna Driving and Lee riding shotgun while Clementine sat in the middle, starting up the truck Luna backed up before making a u turn following the roat towards the highway, it took Luna a few minutes to catch up to the trailer but when she did she hooked at them two times before overtaking a signal for them to follow her as she drove through the interstate, the drive was silent with them avoiding the occasional walker in the middle of the highway that was untill Clementine broke the silence.

My parents wont be coming home anymore will they. Luna turned to glance at Clementine before answering.

Why do you say that sweetie? Luna asked as she glanced at Lee worriedly while replaying the past day along with yesterday in her mind wondering if they had said anything to tip Clementine off, Clementine took a deep breath before speaking her words shocking Luna to her core.

Three new messages. Message one. Left at 5:43 PM.

Diana: Hey, Sandra, this is Diana. We’re still in Savannah. Ed had a little “incident” with some crazy guy near the hotel, so we had to get him back to the ER and have it checked out. Anyway, he’s not feeling well enough to drive back tonight, so we’re staying an extra day. Thanks so much for looking after Clementine, and I promise we’ll be back in time before your spring break! (chuckles)

Message two. Left at 11:19 PM.

Diana: (panicked) Oh, my God, finally! I don’t know if you tried to reach us; all the calls are getting dropped. They’re not letting us leave and aren’t telling us anything about Atlanta. Please, please, just leave the city and take Clementine with you back to Marietta. I’ve got to get back to the hospital. Please let me know that you’re safe.

Message three. Left at 6:51 AM.

Diana: (tearfully) Clementine? Baby, if you can hear this, call the police. That’s 9-1-1. We love you…we love you…we love y-. after Clementine repeated her mothers messages from the answering Machine practically verbatim, Luna in a shaky voice asked.

Clementine sweetie do you remember everything that happened yesterday along with everything that everyone said. Clementine nodded at her causing Luna to take a deep breath before speaking again.

I’m sorry for telling you a lie back in your house sweetie, but you have o understand I didn’t know how to tell you. Clementine moved closer to Luna before wrapping her arms around her waist, the inside of the truck was silent for a while before Clementine spoke.

It’s alright I know you just didn’t want me to be hurt. Luna could only nod at her before releasing one hand from the steering wheel and wrapping it around the little girl.