Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse Chapter 4

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC

The sun was bright it’s rays came through small holed in the barn’s roof causing rays of sunlight to illuminate the inside of the barn, one suck ray was focused directly into Luna’s eyes causing her to wake due to the heat, growling softly she raised a hand to shield her eyes careful to not wake Clementine who was snuggled beside her looking to her left Luna had to shake her head at the sight of Lee sleeping soundly, there was just something funny about a large man sleeping peacefully in a bard on a makeshift bed in her opinion but she suppressed the urge to laugh with respect to the two sleeping individual on both her sides, the silence however was shattered with the arrival of a mustached man who opened the door to the barn a little too loud not enough to wake the two but enough o make them both stir, the mustached man walked towards the three looking at them before locking eyes with Luna while raised a hand placing a single finger to her lips signaling for silence, the mustached man however paid her no mind and tapped Lee on the shoulder to wake him

Hey, get up. Luna wanted to curse the man as while trying to wake Lee he also woke Clementine in the process causing the little girl to sleepily get up from snuggling into Luna yawning while rubbing her eyes, Luna looked at her two companions rubbing the sleep away from their eyes and decided that she should probably get up herself and help out in reinforcing the fence, as Luna was stretching her body working out the kinks from her bones Clementine began scratching her arm

I’m itchy.

Well you slept in a barn, little lady. Lucky you don’t have spiders in your hair. this comment and snwer from the mustached man made Clementine gasp and loot up at her hair tentatively touching it to make sure that there are no spiders.

But I bet your daddy scared ’em all away, huh?

I’m not her dad. Name’s Lee. Lee interjected into the conversation as he apparently finished stretching and exercising his muscles.

You know you could easily pass as our father Lee. Luna remarked smirking as she took Clementines hand to lead her outside.

I’m Kenny. as the Mustached man introduces himself a kid about Clementine’s age runs inside the barn passing the two girls who were on their way out before shouting.

Dad! We’re gonna build a fence! There’s a tractor and everything! the boy then runs off to presumable go to the tractor and where they were going to build a fence

We better get going or we won’t hear the end of it. Lee and the man Named Kenny walked together to exit the barn talking to each other while Luna and Clementine disappear for a bit to do their morning routines.

That’s my boy, Ken Junior. We call him Duck, though.

Duck? Lee asked just for confirmation wondering why a parent would ever call their kid duck.

Yeah. Nothing bothers him. Like water off a duck’s back, y’know.

That’s a valuable trait lately. Lee answered still struggling a bit in grasping why they’d call their son duck

No kidding. But frankly, I think it’s because he’s dumb as a bag of hammers.


See? at this Lee could only nods his head not wanting to argue names as after all his parent dd name him Lee which was Chinese and had nothing to do with a large black guy like him, not that he was being racist or anything.

while these thoughts ran through his head the two of them arrived at the porch of the farmhouse there seated was a woman whom Lee assumed to be Kenny’s wife and Duck’s mother, the sudden thought to ask why the fuck they’d call their sun duck occurred to Lee however he suppressed the thought and instead introduced himself.

Hello, I’m Lee.

Nice to meet you Lee I’m Katjaa and this is Duck and I’m sure you’ve already met Kenny, where are those two lovely ladies with you. the woman asked looking around for Luna and Clementine however she couldn’t find them.

Well I don’t know but I think they’ll be with us shortly after they do whatever it is they needed to do. Lee answered awkwardly, as if on cue Luna and Clementine approached the four, Luna still holding Clementine’s hand as she looked at Lee.

Katjaa, Kenny, Duck this is Luna and Clementine. Lee introduced the three to the two girls seeing as they just arrived, Luna opened her mouth to speak but she shut it likely deciding whatever she wanted to say wasn’t important.

The word is you were on your way to Macon. Lee looked towards Luna who nodded agreeing that it was still their plan, with the truck and a few tanks of gas that they loaded in the back they’d be able to get to Macon and out if they decided to move on just in case.

Yeah my Family lives there

Well, Macon’s on the way and, personally, I’d appreciate the company of a guy who can knock a couple of heads together if he has to. at this Lee looked at Luna once again before looking towards the truck they had nicked from the gas station before looking back towards Kenny and nodding his head.

Alright, the more of us against those monsters the better, we’ll bellow behind you on the truck.

It’s a plan, then. at these words Shawn green approached the group holding a hammer on one hand as he spoke

Well, we should get to work. We’ve all seen what those things can do out there so the faster we get this fence up, the better.

I wanna build a fence. It was duck who answered him which made Shawn smile before he replied.

Yeah? Well, I need a good foreman. You can sit on the tractor and yell at me whenever I take a water break. Lee and Luna had to chuckle at this before Lee followed Shawn to help him with the fence leaving Luna and Clementine with Katjaa and Kenny, looking at the three women Kenny soon realized he was outnumbered and go fix his truck.

So you girls, are from Macon as well? Katjaa the two as they moved to sit down on the porch Clementine sitting down closer to Katjaa while Luna sat behind the little girl, Clementine looked to Luna to answer the question which she found a bit difficult to find the answer two having no idea where she had met Clementine and Lee, thinking quick she recalled the drive from the neighborhood to the gas station and remembered a sign promoting the Atlanta botanical gardens.

Were from Atlanta, a neighborhood outside the city that’s where Lee found us. Katjaa nodded her head in understanding before asking another question.

So how long do you both recon you three staying here, Kenny wants to head out tommorow at the latest but I’d like to at least stay for a while it seemed safe. Luna considered her answer to this question, the three of them with Lee has supplies that would last them all for more than a month even with Hershel and his Family along With Kenny and his with them, that didn’t mean that they wouldn’t need to scavenge for food but with the city of Atlanta being close there should be enough food and supplies for the taking.

We’ll head out with you to Macon tomorrow or today to go to Macon then maybe come back here if things don’t look too good there, Atlanta is closer here and maybe we’d be able to get help from there. Katjaa nodded at this answer when suddenly from the back they heard screaming.

bolting upright Luna rushed towards the back of the farm house, arriving at the back she saw Duck on the tractor with Shawn trapped beneath it, several walkers were on the fence reaching for both just as Lee arrived a few paces beside her.

Get the kid. I’ll help Shawn and take care of the undead. Lee nodded at her as they both rushed towards the scene with Lee grabbing duck and taking him away while Luna jumped high and kicked the undead that was reaching for Shawn in the head pushing it back redirecting the attention of the three undead towards her as she passed over the fence, taking a few steps back Luna took a fighting stance positioning her legs apart and raising her hands at the ready, she wanted to test a theory of hers to determine the ways you’d be able to kill these monsters, as the first undead approached Luna aimed for the side of it’s head delivering a hay maker punch which turned the undead’s face to the side snapping it’s neck bringing it down, taking a few steps back Luna watched as the undead tried to get up making her shake her head as it seems that breaking it’s neck would still leave it alive, changing tactics Luna took a deep breath before delivering a stomp to the head of the undead bashing it’s head in, looking up at the two other undead monsters Luna made quick work of them by delivering hicks on the knees to bring them down before stomping on their heads.

As she finished dispatching the undead monsters she rushed towards the fence jumping over it just in time as Hershel arrived with his gun and lee was getting the tractor from above Shawn, going towards the tractor Luna helped Lee try and life it away lifting the tractor a few inches from Shawn, oh how Luna wished she could exhibit her true strength, luckily for her she didn’t need too as Kenny helped the two lift the tractor while Hershel pulled his son out from under the tractor, as Shewn was pulled out Luna moved to help Hershel lift him up before speaking.

Let’s get him into a bed so I can treat him. the man nodded to her so he and Luna carried Shawn inside the farm house into a room that Luna assumed was Shaw’s as they placed him on the bed Luna got to work ripping his clothes from his body Luna discovered he had a nasty gash on his abdominal area and quickly turned to Hershel.

Get ma some hydrogen peroxide, a needle and thread along with bandages. Hershel rushed out of the room ad Luna used the remnants of Shawn’s shirt to stop the bleeding casting a small healing charm on it to help, when Hershel came back with the items she requested Luna poured a bit of the hydrogen peroxide on the wound before threading the needle and beginning her stitches, she carefully stitched him up before taking her time to clean the wound with more of the hydrogen peroxide, after which she asked Hershel to help her lift him up before she began wrapping the bandages around Shawn’s abdominal area.

I did the best I could, he’s out cold but he should wake up in a few hours to a day, If he gets a fever were going to need some antibiotics but until he wakes up we can’t be sure. Hershel nodded at her as she went outside leaving father and son inside the room, when Luna stepped out to the porch of farmhouse she was greeted by the sight of Lee, Clementine, Duck, Katjaa and Kenny all their faces showed worry so Luna was quick to answer.

I stitched him up he had a nasty abdominal gash, but until he wakes up we wont know if he’s out of the woodwork. the adults breathed a sigh of relief as any news was good news if Shawn wasn’t dead. Kenny Katjaa and Duck lets form the barn leaving Luna, Lee and Clementine in front of the farm house.

Will he be okay Luna? Luna looked at Clementine at this question and in a soft voice she answered.

We don’t know sweetie but we can hope that he’ll be okay. deciding she’d be honest with the child Luna pulled her into a hug which was joined moments later by Lee, looking up at him Luna gave him a grateful smile as she relished in their warmth, it had only been a day but she was getting close to the two especially Clementine, Luna would protect these two and together the three of them joined by others will see this apocalypse through.