Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse Chapter 3

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC

It took the five of them several hours to reach the farm, before arriving to the farm they had to stop over for gas, as Shawn was filling up the pickup the three got down to explore, in Clementine’s case to use the bathroom, as they explored they saw another pickup and several cards parked near the convenience store looked at the gas pumps along with the payment booth yielded a few more shotgun bullets for Lee, it was when they entered the convenience store however that the three hit Jackpot, pushing open the door revealed the shelves still stocked with food and various other supplies, entering the store proper Luna looked at Lee and Clementine before speaking.

You two pack the goods from the shelves while I go and take the stock from the back. Luna looked at both awaiting their response and if they were up to the task.

Hmm, I don’t think we should be taking anything here Luna. Lee replies to her while looking around unsure of what to do.

Lee, I understand you hesitation but Lee think about this, the store hasn’t been looted yet and I say yet because it’s likely to be looted later on. you’ve seen the neighborhood we passed all those undead, people are going to be scavenging for supplies soon and we have the opportunity to get supplies now while were ahead, the world has gone to shit and right now all we can do is ensure our survival as well as Clementine’s. at these words Luna looked at the child who was standing in between them giving her a soft smile, Luna found the child rather cute and innocent and she intended for her to be that was at least for a little while longer.

While Lee and Clementine were busy packing up food and medical supplies in boxes Luna had found bellow the counter, Luna carefully opened the back room door scanning the inside for the undead, so far she had not developed a sense when they were near which was obvious by the fact that one sneaked up to Lee in the house and she did not notice their approach before their getaway in the pickup, carefully Luna entered the room and aware of her surroundings as she began scanning the boxes inside for what they would need, their priority at the moment were canned goods and non perishables like chips soft drinks were out of the question as they were a one way trip to the hospital cup noodles and instant food were alright even though she knew they’d struggle finding water much less heat them, if the worse occurred she supposed she could use her powers but she’d rather not in consideration on how the others would react, Luna finding the supplies she needed took four boxes and would come back for the rest later was interrupted as she was about to step out of the room by a scream, startles she rushed out ad dropped the boxes she was holding just in time to see the undead corpse of what she assumed was the teller or the manager of the convenience store approaching Lee and the Clementine, looking around Luna had to curse their luck as she spotted the shotgun on the counter leaving the two defenseless, thinking quickly Luna rushed towards the approaching unded and stomped on it’s knees from behind after which she delivered a heavy stomp to the head undoubtedly killing it.

Are you both alright? she asked the two on concern as she knelt down to Clementines level checking her for any injuries.

I’m fine.

I wanna get out of here. Luna nodded to Lee’s direction before she looked back at Clementine to speak.

Just a bit more sweetie and we’ll get out of here, we just need to get our supplies and fix Lee’s leg alright. Clementine hesitated for a bit before nodding at Luna’s words just as Shawn entered the store.

What wrong I head screaming.

Clementine and Lee were surprised by the undead is all Luna replied to Shawn as he looked around noticing the boxes containing supplies while Luna entered the back room to return with more boxes.

We can’t fit that all in my truck you know. Shawn commented as he began to help Clementine and Lee load the boxes with supplies, Luna topped to place afour more boxes down before she answered him.

I wasn’t planning on loading them on your truck at all

And where are you planning on loading them then? He asked but instead of Answering Luna merely gestured to the large pickup truck outside before she entered the back room to finish taking out boxes, as she finished taking out the boxes from the back room she approached Shawn and the other two who were just finishing up taping the boxes there were filling shut.

I know your with the law but with the world in chaos I hope you’d forgive me for stealing the stores truck, we need the food more than the undead here and it’s not like that dead guy is going to file a complaint. Shawn could only nod mutely as he watched Luna search the dead man for keys before walking outside and starting up the truck, driving it in front of the store, while Shawn didn’t like what Luna was doing looting the store and stealing a truck he understood her reasoning and her point of view, so reluctantly he helped her, Lee and Clementine load the truck with the boxes before returning to his own truck as Luna said they’d follow him after filling up on gas.

When the two trucks reached the farm the sun had already set blanketing the place and it’s surroundings in darkness with the moon being the only source of light the five people exited their respective trucks with Luna and Lee stretching while Clementine giggled at their synchronized actions, on the other Truck Shawn exited the drivers side while Chet got out and stretched as well before speaking to Shawn.

Hey, Shawn… I’m’a run on home. My mama’s gonna be in a snit.

No sweat, man. I’ll catch you tomorrow night. Shawn waved Chet goodbye while he approached Luna, Clementine and Lee saying his goodbyes.

It was nice to meet ya three. The three wave him goodbye as he leaves.

From the farmhouse the front door opens and from there an old man emerges, upon seeing the two trucks and the people riding them the man rushed towards Shawn pulling him into a one arms hug.

Thank God you’re okay.

I was worried it’d be bad here, too. Shawn greets his father returning the hug as they make small talk.

Been quiet as usual the past couple days. Ol’ Breckon down the way thinks his mare’s gone lame but that ain’t nothing new.

I wouldn’t have made it back without Chet.

Well, I’m glad you took him with you then.

After their short conversation the old man turned to the three who were watching the exchange between father and son silently.

You’ve brought a couple guests.

Your boy’s a lifesaver. Lee commented while Luna and Clementine watched silently.

Glad he could be of help to somebody.

So it’s just you and your daughters then. Before Lee could answer Shawn answered his father

Oh, not his daughters, he’s…a good Samaritan.

I’m Hershel Green Shawn’s father. Hershel shook Lee’s hand before turning towards Luna and Clementine and speaking to them.

Do you girls know this man?. Luna and Clementine looked at each other before Luna decided to answer for them both.

Yes, he helped us with the undead. Hershel seemed content with this answer as he turned to Lee and spoke.

Well looks like you hurt your leg pretty bad there. Luna cursed internally as she looked at lee before walking back to the truck and getting in, taking out a med kit she had found earlier under the seats she got out and walked back to them.

I’m sorry about that, I was supposed to help him sooner but it slipped my mind. Luna had lee sit down on the drivers seat of the truck which the driver’s door was open, Hershel and Shawn watched silently at Luna first checked Lee’s leg shaking her head at how swollen it was.

You should have reminded me to help with this, it must hurt like hell. Luna commented as she discretely cast a spell on it to numb the pain and lessen the swelling while she began wrapping his leg in a bandage.

Yeah it hurts like hell but now it feels better. Lee replied before standing up as Luna finished returning the bandages to the medical kit and returning them under the seats, while Luna was doing this Lee approached Hershel before speaking.

Sorry about that, we were wondering since your son offered if we could stay the night here. Lee asked avoiding the topic of his leg which :una conveniently helped him with.

Hmm, your welcome to stay however my house is full but I’ve got another displaced Family sleeping in the barn, your welcome to sleep there if you’d like. Lee nodded thinking that was the best they could hope for just as Luna and Clementine walked to his side hearing the end of the conversation, when the two stood by Lee Hershel looked at both of them before speaking.

I didn’t catch your names’

I’m Luna

Cle, Clementine.

We’ll Hello to you both as well, I was just talking to Lee about you three staying at my barn, so tell me what dangers have you both seen. Clementine looked at Luna while she carefully thought of how to answer the man as it looked like he thought she and Clementine were sisters.

A few days of the dead keeping us company and a couple of shooting in the neighborhood. at this answer Hershel release a breath before speaking.

I still just can’t imagine it.

Consider yourself lucky. at this comment Hershel turned to Lee and nodded.

Hey, Dad, so I’m thinking, first thing tomorrow, we gotta reinforce the fence around the farm. Shawn who was watching the exchange silently decided that it was time to voice his concerns to his father.

That doesn’t seem necessary.

I don’t know what you saw on TV, or heard on the radio, but there’s some serious… Shawn briefly glanced at Clementine before continuing. SHIT hitting the fan. I don’t think anyone knows how big it is yet.

He’s right

Your son’s right. You’re gonna wanna fortify this place. Lee and Luna interjected at the same time looking at each other as Hershel glanced at them before turning back to Shawn.

Stuff like that doesn’t happen around here, Shawn.

Dad, I’m serious. Lee and Luna, come on, tell him what you both saw out there.

We say people corpses come back from the dead and tried to attack us. Lee explained as Luna looked at him letting him lead the talking.

Well, do what you think you should. We’ve got plenty of chores as it is.

Lee, Luna and those folks in the barn can help out in the morning. We gotta do it, really. Shawn insisted to his father

I already said okay. at this Shawn goes inside leaving his Lee, Luna and Clementine with his Father to talk.

There’s blankets and such in the barn. We’ll be seeing you bright and early. Come tomorrow, which way you think you’re headed?

Towards Macon, I suppose. Hershel nodded at this answer from Lee before glancing at Luna and Clementine flashing them a smile before be bade them goodbye and entered the farm house.

Looking at each Luna tilted her head towards the bard in a gesture for Lee to lead the way as she took Clementine’s hand before following him. arriving at the bard Lee pushed the door open before looking around inside making sure it was safe while Luna and Clementine followed him in, deciding it was safe Lee mouthed an all clear to the two so Luna closed the door while Lee set out to find the blankets that Hershel talked about, minutes Later the three were setup in makeshift beds in the hay covered barn the family of tree were already asleep in the upper floor so the three of them were making themselves comfortable, Luna laid on her back allowing Clementine to snuggle beside her while lee laid on her other side on his left looking at them, Clementine Sniffed and sneezed before raising a hand to rub her nose.

It smells like…

Shit.. Lee and Luna replied simultaneously eyes widening as they cursed in front of a child, meanwhile Clementine let out a gasp and a

That was a swear.

The three were silent for a while following that as Luna pondered whet they had to do tommorow while Lee was having second thoughts about the plan to go to Macon, after all it had been a while since he last talked to his Family and he also wasn’t so sure he still had a family to come back to, the two of them were broken from their thoughts as Clementine spoke in a small voice.

I miss my mom and dad.

I can only imagine sweetie. It was Luna who answered her while Lee echoed her sentiments as she ought his eye.

How far is Savannah?

Pretty far. This time it was Lee who answered as Luna didn’t have particular knowledge of the various places in each state of America.

Okay. at this Luna squeezed Clementine closer to her making the girl snuggle further into her as Luna tried to provide as much needed comfort for the little girl.

a few minutes passed and the three of them feel into a peaceful slumber with the exemption of Lee waking up momentarily due to a nightmare before falling asleep once again.