Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC

On the other side of the fence Luna and lee saw a large backyard with a single tree in the middle, there was a small bicycle near a tea table and a swing, on the top branches of the tree was a small structure that looked to be a tree house, Luna and Lee walked along the backyard looking around and calling out to the homeowners

Hello! Anybody home?

Anyone home? we need help!



The two continued calling out load with no answer. reaching the porch Luna climbed the stairs followed by Lee, she walked towards the sliding doors using the glass to look inside, with her sharp eyes Luna noticed the mess inside, the sofa being overturned and the blood on the floor leading to what she assumed was the kitchen, Luna knocked on the glass door before calling out inside.

Hello! Anyone home? we need help!

When no answer came Luna looked at Lee who was standing behind her before looking back at the glass door and trying the handle which to her surprise gave was easily and opened the door, looking back at Lee once again she shot him a worried look before she opened the door and walked inside carefully just in case someone was waiting in ambush, looking around Luna spotted the puddle of blood in the entrance to the kitchen and shook her head, whoever that blood belonged to was more than likely dead and judging by the smell at least a day had passed since the blood got there, behind her Luna heard Lee inhale sharply likely seeing the pool of blood. Do you think? He left the question unsaid while Luna turned to him spoke. Yes, whoever that blood belonged to is more than likely dead. Lee nodded signaling he understood before Luna spoke again. Let’s search the house for a bit. Luna Luna spoke as she began searching the kitchen finding a knife and a walkie before she proceeded to the dining room, while she was searching the dining area near what she assumed was the living room Luna head the press of a button and the answering machine beginning to play.

Three new messages. Message one. Left at 5:43 PM.

Diana: Hey, Sandra, this is Diana. We’re still in Savannah. Ed had a little “incident” with some crazy guy near the hotel, so we had to get him back to the ER and have it checked out. Anyway, he’s not feeling well enough to drive back tonight, so we’re staying an extra day. Thanks so much for looking after Clementine, and I promise we’ll be back in time before your spring break! (chuckles)

Message two. Left at 11:19 PM.

Diana: (panicked) Oh, my God, finally! I don’t know if you tried to reach us; all the calls are getting dropped. They’re not letting us leave and aren’t telling us anything about Atlanta. Please, please, just leave the city and take Clementine with you back to Marietta. I’ve got to get back to the hospital. Please let me know that you’re safe.

Message three. Left at 6:51 AM.

Diana: (tearfully) Clementine? Baby, if you can hear this, call the police. That’s 9-1-1. We love you…we love you…we love y-

As the messages were playing Luna slowly approached Lee holding a picture frame containing a picture of what was most likely the residents of the house there were now in, looking at the picture frame Luna studied the faces of the family while she listened to the voice messages play in the background, when the last message was cut off unexpectedly the walkie she hooked to her jean pocket emitted static before a voice spoke from the speaker. Mommy? a bit startled by the voice Luna looked down at the walkie hooked onto her jean pocket before unhooking it and looking at the device curiously, pressing the bottom to allow her to speak Luna looked at Lee before speaking.


You need to be quiet. Luna looked at Lee as she began scanning the house wondering where the person on the other line was, Luna knew that these walkies had good range but she just had the feeling that whoever was talking was close by.

Who is this?

I’m Clementine. This is my house.

Hi, Clementine. I’m Luna and the man with me is Lee. as she talked into the walkie Luna began searching the house for the girl named Clementine, with her introduction along with the name Luna, concluded that she was the daughter of the family that lived here, with that conclusion Luna was afraid she had very bad news for the girl.

You’re not my mommy.

No, I’m not. Luna and lee searched the house moving from the TV area to the living room however their search wasn’t yielding any results, what was more troubling was that even though Luna had already spread her senses around the house she wasn’t detecting any signs of life except that of Lee.

How old are you? Luna continued to talk to Clementine as she reached the final place of the first floor of the house that being the kitchen which unsurprisingly was empty.


And you’re all alone?

Yes. I don’t know where anybody is. How old are you?

I’m, uhh. Luna hesitated, she couldn’t tell this girl or even Lee her true age as she knew they wouldn’t believe her and even if they did it would take a lot of convincing, so with a quick estimate using her current appearance Luna answered the girl.

I’m 23.

How about Lee? at this question Luna looked towards Lee who approached her before talking into the walkie.

I’m 37

Okay. Luna having searched the first floor of the house and unwilling to waist any more time searching the second floor decided to just ask the girl where she was.

Where are you?

Clementine: I’m outside in my tree house. They can’t get in.

That’s smart. Luna cursed herself not having thought to check outside as she had already saw the tree house upon entering the back yard.

See? Luna looked out the window towards the tree house to see a cute little girl waving at her.

Can you see me? I can see you through the window. Luna waved back with a smile.

Luna was about to ask the girl to get down from the tree house so she could talk to her face to face when said girl screamed before walking back into her hiding place, Luna found this strange until she heard a scream behind her, turning around Luna cursed as she saw Lee struggling to get an undead woman away from him, placing the walkie on the counter Luna went around Lee and pulled the woman off him flinging her a few paces back before Luna got into a fighting stance, positioning her legs apart ensuing she had perfect balance Luna raised her hands and made herself as small as a target as possible waiting for the undead to attack again, when the dead woman came towards her again it was sluggish walking slowly towards her which made Luna relax while shaking her head, spinning around she delivered a roundhouse kick towards the woman’s head smashing it’s side before she regained her balance and took a step back. looking towards Lee she spoke in concern.

Are you alright?

Yeah I’m good. he answered while steadying her breathing.

Did you kill it? Luna turned towards the origin of the voice seeing the girl named Clementine standing outside the glass door holding a hammer.

Yes. Luna didn’t see the point in lying to the girl as she probably saw her actions and if she guess right the girl already knew what was happening.

It’s okay. I think she was a monster.

I think so too. Yup definitely knows what’s happening, Luna thought with a smile.

As she thought about this Lee knelt so that he was at Clementine’s eye level before speaking.

You’ve been all by yourself through this?

Yeah. I want my parents to come home now. Luna was saddened by these words as she knew there was the real possibility of her parents being dead, deciding to play it safe as to not make the girl sad Luna spoke while also kneeling down so she was at eye level with her.

I think that might be a little while, you know? Luna thought f the best she could tell the girl and this was the only thing she could come up with not wanting the girl to lose hope.

Oh. Luna watched as Clementine looked down in sadness seemingly suppressing tears, at this Luna moved closer and took the girl into a hug glacing at Lee before speaking her next words.

Look, I don’t know what happened. But We’ll look look after you until then. Luna said this while lifting an arm to massage the girl’s back providing whatever comfort she can.

What should we do now? at these words Luna gently broke the hug with Clementine keeping her at arms length as she looked at Lee wanting his opinion with the fact that she wasn’t about to tell Clementine that the man they were with was a criminal.

We need to find help before it gets dark.

Yeah, it’s not safe at night.

Luna looked at Lee then at Clementine before nodding her head in assent, standing up Luna offered her hand to Clem before gesturing for Lee to take the lead, before exiting the house Luna glanced at Clam before speaking, Clam Stay close to me and Lee, we’ll protect you and make sure your safe. Clementine nodded her head as she followed Luna still holding her hand as the three exited the house closing the glass door behind them, as they round the house approaching the side gate Luna noticed two men on the road talking to each other making her glance at Lee as he slowly approached the gate.

Maaan… I ain’t never getting home to Mama at this rate.

This sucks.

It’s hot dish night.

Luna listened to the men talk as Lee opened the gate however as she was about to take another step she stopped as Clementine seemed to have stopped walking, looking behind her Luna knelt down to be eye level with Clementine once again before speaking, What Wrong Clementine?

Should I stay? Luna was confused at the question wondering why Clementine was asking if she should stay.


I don’t want to sleep in the tree house tonight, but I don’t know if I should leave. What if my parents come home? Ahh so thats the problem, Luna thought to herself as she glanced at Lee who was watching them by the gate, the tw men seemed to not have noticed them yet.

I don’t think they’re coming home Clem, at least not for a while yet.Clementine was silent as she considered Luna’s words she looked at her as if trying to determine the truth is her words before finally speaking a reply.

Okay, but they’ll find me right? Luna could only nod slowly at Clementine’s response not really wanting to shatter the girls hopes as she didn’t have any definitive proof that the girl’s parent were already dead.

We won’t leave you Alone Clem. Clementine nodded at Luna’s words as the older girl stood up and walked out the gate following Lee with Clementine behind her.

Luna and Clementine followed Lee as he approached the two men talking to each other, Luna kept Clem behind her just in case these men were of the wrong sort, being careful was better than being surprised she reasoned in her mind.

Hey, man! Lee greeted the two startling them, making them jump and raise they hands in defense.



We’re not gonna hurt you. Lee spoke in a placating voice his hands up as he backed away slightly, both men looked at each other before releasing simultaneous sighs of relief as their perceived threat was false.

Phew, we thought the three of you were going to eat us. Lee looked at them oddly before seemingly shrugging his shoulders and speaking once again.

What are you doing?

Trying to get home, this neighborhood’s a disaster. Are you trying to get outta here? Because you should be. Those things are all over the damn place. I haven’t seen anything as gnarly as this neighborhood since downtown Atlanta, fifteen miles back. Luna picked up on this statement causing a grimace to appear on her face, it seemed like she was at this moment in America and she first thought were now confirmed, she was in a Zombie Apocalypse and it appeared to have spread very far already, as these thoughts ran through her head the two men began to introduce themselves.

I’m Shawn, Shawn Greene.

Lee. This is Luna and Clementine. The second man Knelt down and waved at Clementine while Luna watched him carefully her other hand ready to atleast hand a punch onto his head if he attacked the younger girl.

I’m Chet. Clementine smiled at Chet while Luna nodded at him when he looked at at her.

We shouldn’t be out in the open like this. How about you help us clear the way and we’ll take you and your daughters out of here, and down to my family’s farm. It should be safer there.

m not I’m not related to them. I’m… Luna wondered how the hell Lee was going to talk his way out of this but lucky for them Shawn seemed to have drown their own conclusion.

a good Samaritan?

Yeah, a good Samaritan. Luna wanted to burst out laughing at these words however she clamped down on her laughter as to not get the three of them in trouble, especially Lee

Let’s get going. Staying put for too long is a mistake. Lee looked at Luna then at Clementine wanting to know their opinions, Luna knelt down to be level at Clementine’s eyes once again,

What do you want to do?

I… Luna patiently waited for Clementine to answer as the girl looked at her house then back at Luna opening her mouth to speak only to be cut off by Chet shouting.

Them monsters comin’! WE GOTTA GO! Luna looked behind Clementine to spot three of the undead, shaking her head in dismay Luna picked Clementine up by placing her hands under her armpits and listing her up before placing her inside the pickup.

I’m sorry Clem but we have to go. Luna looked towards the front of the pickup to see Shawn pushing a car while Lee looked at the shotgun in his hands hesitating.

Lee shoot them. Luna shouted this as she rushed to help Shawn push the car blocking their way, while pushing Luna heard the first shot followed by the cocking of the shotgun, as they successfully pushed the car out of the way Shawn rushed towards the drivers seat starting up the pickup while Lee shot the Zombies two more times before getting into the back of the truck, Luna got into the back as well while Chet who had been crouching beside the pickup rushed towards the drivers seat making Luna want to curse him due to his lack of help, Luna lee and Clementine watch the house they were from get further and further in the distance with undead walking the streets in front of it. turning towards Clementine pulled her into a hug knowing it must be hard for the girl to leave her home.

It’s going to be alright Clem me and Lee are going to protect you