Fuck! Well I guess I\’m in an apocalypse Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the walking dead I only own Luna my OC


Luna clutched her head as she landed hard on the ground a large gash on her back from the branch that she hit as she fell from the sky, standing unsteadily on her feet Luna’s only had a few seconds to recover her bearings with her back slowly healing itself before something large slammed into her throwing her a few paces from where she was standing breaking several bones in the process muttering several profanities under her breath Luna pushed herself from the ground propping herself up against a tree glaring at what seemed to be a police car which crashed onto her.

From the police car a man she assumed was the cop driving the car emerged crawling from the driver side door, Luna watched the man crawl before ceasing movement a few meters from the car with a trail of blood on his wake, shaking her head Luna focused her hearing and when she didn’t hear a heartbeat she presumed him dead, when her bones finally finished resetting themselves along with the gash on her back being healed, Luna pushed against the ground standing unsteadily on her feet once again, stretching her body to test her bones Luna was startled when something grabbed her from behind, grabbing the hand that grabbed her Luna pulled to throw the person over her shoulder however she lost her balance falling to the ground confused.


Luna was confused as to how she lost her balance, looking at her hand she saw that she was still clutching the hand that grabbed her however along with the hand was the arm until the shoulder, looking at the place where she was standing just moments ago revealed what she assumed as a corpse or at the very least certainly looked like it, standing up Luna observed the creatures dodging it’s grabs with it’s remaining hand with her superior agility.

Hmm it’s not human anymore, it’s undead but not intelligent maybe a failed turning however I don’t sense the blood of a vampire.

Luna was fascinated with this creature however it was still a threat so with a well place chop with her hand she smashed it’s head before turning around just in time to see a man in handcuffs exiting the police car, Luna watched the man approach the cop that died calling out for help, muttering a curse Luna began breeze walking towards the man as to not frighten him by running using her super speed, when the cop growled and tried to grab the Man Luna took stock of the situation before looking down at herself standing in a dress, shaking her head she waved her hand over herself changing her attire to that of a simple T-Shirt jeans and sneakers before she ruched towards the man and and the approaching undead cop, not having any other option at the moment nor time for introductions Luna delivered a swift kick to the policeman’s head before delivering a stop to bash it in, looking at the man who’s eyes had widened at her actions Luna spoke.

It’s not safe here, can you stand up?

Luna offered her hand to the man to help him stand up as she looked at him curiously.

What the fuck was that?

Luna smiled at the mans response as he took her hand before she pulled him up to his feet.

That, well I’m not sure, all I know is that it’s scary and dangerous.

Luna decided on a white lie as she observed the man noticing his injured leg,

Pick up the shotgun and those shells she might need them later, we need to find someplace safe so we can have a look at your leg.

The man nodded as he picked up the shotgun with Luna picking up the shells and handing them to him, looking around Luna saw several more undead headed their direction, looking back at the man she gestured for him to follow her as she walked up the hill, My name is Luna. She introduced herself eyes focused in front of her as she avoided the undead. Name’s Lee, Luna nodded as they reached a fence causing her to turn around. Well Lee I don’t know what you did that landed you in that police car and in handcuffs but I’m going to trust you, we’ll need to climb this fence so I’m going to get those cuffs off you and we’ll see about that leg inside. The man named Lee nodded in repose as Luna took a paperclip from her jean pocket conjuring it inside before using the paper clip to unlock his handcuffs, Lee took a moment to hold his wrists as the sensation of metal against them disappeared allowing while Luna began scaling the fence, shrugging his shoulders Lee followed the climbing the fence before jumping inside.