Tik tok goes the clock.

Time passes by so fast it’s already nearly November leaving a lot of things have happened, a friend out of work for now to pursue their dreams a new inspiration and several projects that are seemingly coming together.

I know I haven’t fulfilled a lot of things and I’m sorry about that but have patience and things would things would come eventually.

-Black Butterfly


I need to adapt some more

So I have several plans.

1 Get back to streaming and I mean truly get back.

2. Finally post chapter 10 for Fuck! I guess I’m in a zombie apocalypse

3. Get the archive running and ai mean running, the archive is up but I still need to fix the bug on posting stories

4. Adapt to work and not sleep as much.

5. Get my discord server running.

These are my goals for this month that I hopefully will accomplish and I mean HOPEFULLY it’s hard with my workload but I must do it

See you all on my next update whenever that is.

-Black Butterfly



Hey everyone it;s been so long, you might be wondering what I’m doing? or maybe you’ve just lost hope of me ever posting a new story chapter or doing a new live stream. all I can say is that’s understandable and I’m very sorry.

Now this is the part that I reason out but surely my reasons aren’t important I just need to make content and publish more chapter hehe, alas I’m still going to reason out, you see I’ve been very busy with work not just programming in freelance but actual work for a company and so my schedule has been very packed and I and my time has been monopolized by this. BUT BUTTERFLY YOU DID A LIVE STREAM OF THE WALKING DEAD JUST RECENTLY” you might say to which I would answer I wanted to live stream all the episodes but I’ve only done two of them due to being very busy and live streaming takes less time than writing a chapter does, I used to publish a chapter every day but when I did that I was writing the chapter on and off for the whole day.

Now since I’m posting this obviously somethings are going to happen first is an update, the last post here was that I still did not have my new ISP install my internet connection that already went and passed my ISP installed the new fiber optic connection two days before my first live stream of the walking dead and so that problem is now fixed I will be live streaming in an undefined schedule basically when I have time.

Next is for chapter 10 of “Fuck! Well I guess I\’m in an apocalypse” well I’ll be posting it along with several chapters maybe until chapter 18 making it 9 chapters per me being active well maybe I don’t know since it will be dependent on my schedule all I can say is that chapter 10 will be posted within the next week or two I can’t promise to post it before September ends but well I’ll try hehe.

and that ends this long post


  • Black Butterfly

Still no Chapter and still no internet

I realize I still haven’t written a chapter and I want to apologize because if that, It’s not that I’m busy nor that I’m occupied with other things I just can’t find the motivation to write a chapter at the moment.

As for the having no internet well I’m still in negotiations with another ISP regarding my internet connection so that’s that.

I’m sorry everyone and I promise t to keep everyone updated

-Black Butterfly


Got my pictures from the drive but lost them

I recovered my pictures from my external drive but as it turns out all of them are corrupted, there’s no possible way of recovering them anymore so I guess tough luck for me.

I’ll have to rewrite Chapter 10 for “Fuck! i guess I’m in an Apocalypse” and chapter 3 of “This time I’ll do it right.” This is a sad development but I’ll just have to redo and rebuild it’s the way forward.

Ohh my illustrator finished the cover for the story

It’s wonderful when something is accomplished

-Black Butterfly


Internet is back.

Internet is back and it means I’m back online however I’m still procrastinating in writing my chapters because essentially I need to write them from the ground up and well I’m feeling rather lazy, I’ll upload the chapter eventually plus I’m still waiting for my recovery software to recover my drive.


-Black Butterfly


No Internet and I accidentally formatted my external drive

This morning we lost electricity for some unknown reason and the outage lasted for eight hours which to my chagrin was too long to be doing nothing but browsing the internet so in my infinite wisdom I decided why not use my external drive as an OTG device on my phone, I plug it in and behold my phone formats the drive leaving me without any of my files, when the electricity went back on I of course logged into my computer and pulled up the recovery software, now my files are being recovered with the only consequence being that I must wait a long time for the recovery.

so with that file recovery underway I decided to pull up a browser maybe watch some netflix however to my surprise my internet was cut for no reason at all now I’m on mobile data and awaiting re connection of my internet so I could maybe publish the next chapters of my stories while hopefully I recover from my drive

-Black Butterfly


Frustration, Writer’s block and Delays

I haven’t poster chapter 10 for “Fuck!! Well I guess I’m in an apocalypse” for two reasons 1 is I’m currently having a block on my writing and two I’m just frustrated with life in general, Work has been keeping me very busy add in the fact that I feel like I’m falling into a mindless routine which I feel just destroys my creativity. I’m not abandoning my story but I just need time. oh yeah I also need to post a chapter for “This time I’ll do it right”

-Black Butterfly