My soul is weeping.

I haven’t posted in a long while what with the world being crazy and all but it can’t be helped.

For June and July I’ve been following streamers and streaming myself, but for this month of August I haven’t streamed yet, I just felt like I’ve been lacking something, there’s something missing and when I got to a part of the series I was playing that did mot really have me feel like playing mainly because I felt the game changed it’s prospective and it didn’t sit well with me from there it was a downward travel.

Normally I’d play the long game bide my time and just wait do my projects and slowly build up, but lately I suppose I’ve been craving the sense of satisfaction that’s escaped me for a while now it’s been a downward slope, only I suppose it just took me a long time to drop to the button as I’ve had people that are with me who’ve been very supportive, lifting me up and allowing me to push back.

I’m really grateful I am but maybe because it’s been months and we’ve barely accomplished anything that I’ve been feeling down, I know there’s the pandemic I know it’s crazy but I suppose I had this blind hope that with a little effort we’d grow quickly but sadly that’s not happening now I’m just continuing in a monotone.

It took me a while to notice that I’ve bee just going through the motions, my soul is weeping it wants to sing a symphony, a song that will touch the souls of others through my work but it’s also withering slowly it’s voice is being carrier away in the wind fading.

This isn’t a nice place to be and this post I suppose I just wanted to release my thoughts

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