I haven’t been posting…

I haven’t been posting because well it’s just been hard and there is a lot to do. I haven’t been able to process everything at once.

October, November and December has been a whirlwind of dealing with frustrations with work and personal issues that made me just want to give up so that’s what I did. I walked out of my job come the new year of January 20202 and went back to doing freelance work.

I left the apartment I was living in and moved back home, I also took the time to find myself.

Just when I was getting shut together well COVID 19 hit and now I am stuck at home which is not really a bad thing. I’m getting a lot of work done and I’ve decided to stream or atleast get back to being a streamer on twitch we now have our website and social accounts updated and there will be more updates and maybe a rework coming soon

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