Blog Update

Yes it’s an update for the blog.

I’ll be password protecting my personal blog posts that I feel that are too personal, I’ll be sharing the password with a few friends and family members but that’s it those posts will not become public unless of course this website is hacked which I’ll be doing my damnedest to prevent and trust me on this I’ll be sure to make it so it can’t be hacked.

Next is I might be separating the blog posts stated above to it’s own private menu for logged in users only for added protection, no one from the public will ever know about the posts.

Now about my stories well I’ve recently began reviewing both and I’m happy to announce that once I’m done I’ll be continuing to write both of them after I do some alterations.

Lastly the discord server will most likely go live before November ends, the admin team yes that includes me are busy people so progress is slow.

I suppose that’s it for now.

-Black Butterfly

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