Reworks in progress

You all remember when I posted that someone has accepted to be our official Artist for the network? Well that commitment has now been made official our new logos are her works and I am proud to have Rimake as our offical artist for the Butterfly Network.

You can find Rimake on.



The new Logos will be replacing the old placeholder ones on all my social media channels Twitch,YouTube Facebook and of course this website.

Apart from the logos you might have also noticed that I have reworked the website to a new design along with this I hope to finish working on the archive which will hopefully contain my stories along with my ideas and other writing mishaps or works.

The discord servers I still have no proper ETA on however I wish for it to go live this November or just before December begins as this is the time when people are on vacation and would be looking for servers to join

Progress is fun hopefully we get more things done in the coming weeks.

One last thing, I’m sorry as there are no updated to my stories yes but rest assured I’mm get back to writing I just really need to get our of my creative slump

– Aleytia

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