Hey everyone it;s been so long, you might be wondering what I’m doing? or maybe you’ve just lost hope of me ever posting a new story chapter or doing a new live stream. all I can say is that’s understandable and I’m very sorry.

Now this is the part that I reason out but surely my reasons aren’t important I just need to make content and publish more chapter hehe, alas I’m still going to reason out, you see I’ve been very busy with work not just programming in freelance but actual work for a company and so my schedule has been very packed and I and my time has been monopolized by this. BUT BUTTERFLY YOU DID A LIVE STREAM OF THE WALKING DEAD JUST RECENTLY” you might say to which I would answer I wanted to live stream all the episodes but I’ve only done two of them due to being very busy and live streaming takes less time than writing a chapter does, I used to publish a chapter every day but when I did that I was writing the chapter on and off for the whole day.

Now since I’m posting this obviously somethings are going to happen first is an update, the last post here was that I still did not have my new ISP install my internet connection that already went and passed my ISP installed the new fiber optic connection two days before my first live stream of the walking dead and so that problem is now fixed I will be live streaming in an undefined schedule basically when I have time.

Next is for chapter 10 of “Fuck! Well I guess I\’m in an apocalypse” well I’ll be posting it along with several chapters maybe until chapter 18 making it 9 chapters per me being active well maybe I don’t know since it will be dependent on my schedule all I can say is that chapter 10 will be posted within the next week or two I can’t promise to post it before September ends but well I’ll try hehe.

and that ends this long post

– Aleytia

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