No Internet and I accidentally formatted my external drive

This morning we lost electricity for some unknown reason and the outage lasted for eight hours which to my chagrin was too long to be doing nothing but browsing the internet so in my infinite wisdom I decided why not use my external drive as an OTG device on my phone, I plug it in and behold my phone formats the drive leaving me without any of my files, when the electricity went back on I of course logged into my computer and pulled up the recovery software, now my files are being recovered with the only consequence being that I must wait a long time for the recovery.

so with that file recovery underway I decided to pull up a browser maybe watch some netflix however to my surprise my internet was cut for no reason at all now I’m on mobile data and awaiting re connection of my internet so I could maybe publish the next chapters of my stories while hopefully I recover from my drive

– Aleytia

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